Joique Bell Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Joique Bell Background Check, Joique Bell Public Records

Joique Bell Celebrity Life

Joique Bell is one of the more famous and successful NFL stars in American Football. His net worth is $74 million and as of 2020, he has announced his retirement and thanked all his Detroit Lions fans. He plays offseason and maybe practices with his squad members now.

Joique’s Biography

He was born on the 4th of August 1986 as Joique Dewayne Bell Junior to Althea Gaby and Joique Bell Senior. He grew up in Michigan and went to Benton Harbor High School.
His College Life

He chose to study at Wayne State University for college and studied Criminal Justice. It was while he was in University that he worked at the Detroit Lion’s football training camp as a security guard.

Bell even played for the university team and won the Harlon Hill Trophy which was given to the II Division player of the year in 2009. 

Joique Bell Background Check
Joique’s Professional Career

Bell has had an erratic professional football career ever since he signed on with Buffalo Bills early on in 2010 as an undrafted free agent.

However, he was removed from the main team in 6 months and the Philadelphia Eagles signed him on the practice squad that Buffalo Bills had put him on.

That year was a rollercoaster for Bell and it didn’t end there, the Indianapolis Colts claimed him in November and then released him in December. It was then that he was resigned with the Philadelphia Eagles onto their practice squad this time.

However, in 2011, the New Orleans Saints signed him on in January at the beginning of the season, before the playoffs started, but got released in September, that same year.
Joique Bell had a few lucky stars as he was signed on by the Detroit Lions before the end of 2011, which changed his career. During his first season, he played 16 games, where he showed exceptional talent with 52 receptions in 485 yards. 

In 2013, he was signed again with the Detroit Lions and he played all 16 games again and along with his teammate Reggie Bush, they were the first running back duos that the NFL had seen that topped the 500 rushing and receiving yards that season.

By 2014, the Detroit Lions offered him a two-year contract of $7 million along with a guarantee of $4.3 million. He had a contract that lasted for three years and by the beginning of 2016, the Detroit Lions decided to release him from the team.

Joique Bell Public Records  

Despite the four-year contract, he only played for two seasons with the Detroit Lions.
After this, the Chicago Bears signed him on in September 2016 but released him only a month later.

The Detroit Lions re-signed him for a short period in 2016 after Ameer Abdullah was down with a foot injury.

Joique Bell’s Personal Life

He grew up wanting to become an NFL Player and Bell knew he would have that opportunity when he entered University because he worked at the Lion’s Training Camp. And according to Joshua Gleason, who interviewed him,

Bell met a football scout there who told him that if he had talent or anyone for that matter, had talent, these football teams would come and find him.

When it comes to his romantic life, currently, he isn’t dating anyone, however, he did have a one-year relationship earlier and he has never been engaged.

Joique Bell is a Philanthropist and has his own charity, Joique Bell Charity to work as a catalyst for change in the community.

Joique’s Awards
  • He won the Harlon Hill Trophy in 2009
  • He won the Division II All-America, twice, in 2006 and 2009
  • He won First-Team All-GLIAC from 2006-2009
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