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Jordy Nelson Celebrity Life

Early Life and Biography

Born in May of 1985, Jordy Ray Nelson is a retired American footballer who played under the helm of the NFL. He played in the position of wide receiver for the Packers team of Green Bay, and later, he signed a deal to play for the Oakland team of the Raiders.

He played for the Green Bay team for ten years of his professional career and just a year with the Raiders. He was born in Manhattan in the state of Kansas, in the USA, to farmers, Alan and Kim Nelson. The farm is in Riley where Nelson was raised.

Nelson's great-great-grandfather emigrated to the USA from Sweden and started the farm. Four generations of Nelsons have managed the farm successfully since then. Nelson married his girlfriend, Emily in 2007.

 Emily had formerly played college basketball in Kansas. Nelson has two sons, and a daughter who is adopted. Nelson grew up as a devout Catholic and still practices the faith religiously.

He owes his successes to the grace of the Lord. Nelson is involved in philanthropic activities, and has donated generously to his former colleagues in Kansas state, in order to rehabilitate the sports facilities there - the football team's locker room is named after him in the college. 

Jordy Nelson Background Check
While he was an NFL footballer and was earning millions of dollars, he would return to his farm in Riley after the season ended, putting in 12-hour days of heavy farm labor.

He would drive a combine that was used to cut wheat, as well as a round-up the 1,000 cow herd owned by the family. Nelson maintains the fact that he sees himself more as a farmer than as a footballer.

His parents own a local restaurant in Kansas, in a small town called Leonardville. In the year 2019, it was announced that Nelson would be inducted into the hall of fame of sports legends in Wisconsin.

High School Life

All through high school, Nelson played football. In his senior year, he played in the position of quarterback. As a quarterback, he finished 62% of his passes, running 1,029 yards. He managed 8 touchdowns.

With his rushing yards at 1,572, he was averaging 9.8 yards for every carry and 25 touchdowns. He got mentions of note in the local press. He also played basketball at the state level, gaining 17.2 points on average for every game during his senior high school year.

 Besides the games on the field, Nelson was a superb track and field athlete. When he was only ten, he won a state championship in the 400-meter run.

In his senior year in high school, Nelson won state titles in the 100-meter run, the 200-meter dash, and in the 400-meter running race. He excelled in the high jump and long jump as well.

College Years

Nelson attended college at Kansas State and took a year as a redshirt. He started to play college football in 2004, first planning to play in the defensive back position, but the coach decided to place him in the wide receiver position instead. He had a pretty uneventful first season with the team.

Jordy Nelson Public Records
In the 2005 season, Nelson seemed promising as he took four receptions, and made the first touchdown in his college football career. Notably, he took a pass of 8 yards from a fellow player and quarterback, Webb, and this took the team to a win of 35-21.

Nelson went on to make seven straight touchdowns in that first season of play. In his sophomore season, Nelson was key in leading the college team in all major groups of receiving. 

In the season of 2006, Nelson's junior season, he was slated to win a prestigious award for wide receiver footballers in college. Nonetheless, he hardly played football for that season due to ongoing injuries.

In the 2007 season, the final season of college football, Nelson had a breakthrough period. He showed he was a versatile and valuable player, not only as a receiver but as an important player who made touchdowns.

By the end of his college career, he had managed 20 touchdowns, made 2,822 receiving yards, and had 209 receptions.
Pro Football

In the draft of the NFL of 2008, Nelson was signed on by the Packers team of Green Bay. Selected as the third wide receiver, he took the Packers to many a win.

From the 3rd week of starting to play till the 13th week, Nelson made 25 receptions, with receiving yards amounting to 267. He has been a steady receiver for the Packers since he joined the team.

After going pro bowl in 2014, and going to the super bowl, Nelson signed on to play with Oakland but was released by them after one season.

In March of 2019, Nelson announced his retirement plans. He signed a contract, for a single day, with the Packers, in August 2019. This was just so he could retire as a Packer.

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