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by Anne S.

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Josh Jackson Celebrity Life

Josh Jackson may be one of the quarterbacks of the Phoenix Suns. He was seen throwing the ball on the first day of practice. He is expected to flourish with his ability as an offensive player. He does not reveal too much about himself during interviews. On his arrival at Maryland, he spoke on his phone instead of answering questions. He has more than one hundred teammates but he confesses to being bad with names.


Transfer from Virginia Tech

Josh Jackson graduated during a transfer from Virginia Tech and has spent some time on the campus during the spring semester. He needs to finish his degree. After he arrived at his new college town, he has had to learn more about his teammates who know almost every play already. The QB position is hard to fill because of the competition for that position.

If he is able to run out most, Jackson could be the player to look out for. His main player relationship could be centered around Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker, to mention a few of his teammates.

Background Check Josh Jackson
He was selected number four in the 2017 NBA Draft but has failed to flourish since. Under Coach Earl Watson, Jackson has to guard Blake Griffin in his 3rd-career game. However, after three games, Watson was fired and so too is Ryan McDonough. His last appearance as a point-guard was with Eric Bledsoe.

Playmaking Role

Josh Jackson has to be the secondary or primary playmaker. This is how he has spent his second year even though he is not match fit as yet. Maybe, with the introduction of rookie Mikal Bridges, he may do better. Others to join the Suns include Ariza who was traded for Kelly Oubre Jr. the Suns have many options as far as wings go. In fact, Josh has been made to play several roles and his long-term plans are not yet finalized.


According to Jackson, he thinks about all the things he has done as a rookie. He says he did not have everything his teammates have. There was no veteran guy around him and there was also no point guard to pass him the ball. The coach too left. All these facts together should see Josh flourish in another destination – perhaps.

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Playing Stats

Without a plan, you can drive and attack the rim provided you understand how to think and react immediately. This is something that Jackson does not have in his arsenal. At present, he uses about 24.2 percent of the offensive possession enjoyed by his team when on the floor and turning the ball over 19.2 percent of the time when he succeeds. This means his turnover percentage has risen by 7 percent compared to what he was doing last year.

Jackson is the only top prospect facing legal issues. He already faces a charge for violating the law when he damaged a car outside a bar in Kansas. He has apologized and is ready to pay damages for his act.

Personal Trouble

He has made up his mind to take advantage of his possibly the last shot at the NBA. He is also not the most patient player. As a Green Bay QB, he has just recently been playing in a game to honor his dad. Unfortunately, his father passed away and this game was meant to be in honor of his deceased father.

He was heartbroken when he received the news of his father’s death. He found the news to be very emotionally upsetting and in fact, he flew home to Texas for the funeral. Later, he returned to the team to prepare for their next game. His focus is on the good things in life.

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