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Juan Marichal Background Check, Juan Marichal Public Records

 Juan Marichal Celebrity Life

Born on 20th October 1937, Juan Marichal is an ex-professional baseball player who belongs to the Dominican Republic. Marichal was a right-handed pitcher who played in MLB, most prominently for the league's San Francisco Giants. The former player was popular for his famous high leg kick, intimidating strategies, and pinpoint control. 

He also played for other teams like Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox during his career's final two seasons. While he has won more games as compared to any other 1960s' pitcher, Marichal took part in just one game of the World Series. Also, his contemporaries such as Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax overshadowed him in post-season awards. In 1983, his name was included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Early Life

The player was born in a tiny hamlet of Laguna Verde in the Dominican Republic. He was the youngest child of his parents Natividad and Francisco Michael who had 4 children. He has a sister called Maria and 2 brothers named Rafael and Gonzalo.

Marichal's father passed away after succumbing to an unknown disease when he was just 3-year-old. Although there was no electricity in his house, the family did not have to suffer because of a lack of food because the family had a farm.

Juan Marichal Background Check

Marichal wanted to play baseball professionally from the time he was six-year-old. However. his motor was averse to the idea and wanted him to get educated. It was a time there were no baseball players from his country (Dominican Republic) in MLB and as such his dream was regarded as not realistic.

Marichal was 16-year-old in 1954 when he played for a team known as Las Flores in Monte Cristi. While he started his career at shortstop. he became a pitcher, taking inspiration from Bombo Ramos, a member of the national baseball team of the Dominican Republic. Marichal discontinued high school when he got recruited in a team called United Fruit Company in 1956.
Baseball Playing Career

His potential was discovered by Ramfis Trujillo, who was the son of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, the late Dominican dictator. Ramfis happened to be the chief sponsor of the Baseball Team of the Dominican Air Force against which he pitched a victory game of 2-1 in Monte Cristi.

On 19th July 1960, he became a team member of the San Francisco Giants and made his entry into the major leagues. he became the 2nd native pitcher who belonged to the Dominican Republic. The moment he played his debut game against the Philadelphia Phillies on 19th July 1960, he created a positive impression.
Juan Marichal had successes of similar nature through 1969 and posted over twenty wins in each season except in 1967. He never posted an ERA of more than 2.76. His performance helped his team lead the league in 1963, as well as, in 1968 when he won twenty-six games. The former player had more wins in his kitty during the sixties as compared to any other pitcher in the major league.

Juan Marichal Public Records

He is also notorious for an infamous incident, which took place with John Roseboro when the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Giants played against one another at Candlestick Park. The incident took place on 22nd August 1965. There was a confrontation between the two of them. Marchal shared later on that he thought that Roseboro wanted to attack him.

He hit Roseboro twice at least on the latter's head. Roseboro had to go through 14 stitches after the brawl. Marichal was thrown out of the game. Warren Giles, the president of the National League suspended Marichal for 8 games.

He was also fined for a then-record amount of 1,750 USD, which is now equivalent to 14,900 USD in 2019. He was also forbidden from visiting the Dodger Stadium when the season's final and most important two games were being played.

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