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Julian Edelman Celebrity Life

Julian Francis Edelman is an American football player in National Football League. Edelman was born on 22nd May 1986. He was a quarterback football player at Kent State and College San Mateo.

He was selected after his stupendous performance at the NFL Draft game in 2009.

Edelman is popularly known for his offensive position as a wide receiver and punt returner for New England Patriots. Julian has successfully accomplished as a cornerback for his team during the time of shorthand defense.


Edelman fondly addressed as Squirrel fellow mates due to his high-yielding performance in the field. Edelman has been an extraordinary performer in all the four seasons of Super Bowls.

He holds the title of Super Bowl MVP for Super Bowl Season LIII. He is known for his extensive performance as punt return and the punts returned for touchdowns.

2013 NFL season has honored Edelman for being The Highest career punt return among other active players.

Julian Edelman Background Check
Early Life

Edelman was born on 22nd May 1986 in Redwood City, California. Julian's parents are Frank Edelman and Angela. Frank Edelman is the owner of an A-1 Auto-Tech business.

Julian's siblings are Jason and Nicole. His forefathers include Greek, English, Irish, Scottish, German and Ashkenazi Jewish. He was born and brought up as a Christian.

He completed his schooling at Woodside High School in California. He held the position of the quarterback during his school days. In 2004, he joined the Wildcats team.

He holds a record of 13-0 with this team. During high-School days Edelman obtained 2,237 yards (2.05 km) and 29 touchdowns passing play. He also secured additional 964 yards (881.48 m) and 13 touchdowns rushing play.

Career Highlights

Initially, Edelman supported the slot receiver, Wes Welker. Welker and Edelman are often compared for their physical appearance and style of playing.

In 2012, Welker was injured and left the team. Alderman replaced Welker. He secured the position as a slot receiver. Tom Brady chose Edelman as his ideal man for securing a goal.

Edelman scored a touchdown pass in the Divisional Playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. During the game, Edelman received a sideways pass from Tom Brady.

 Edelman passed it to Danny Amendola. Amendola passed the ball to the end of the rival team and secured a 51-yard touchdown score. This was the lengthiest pass in the history of the game of football.

However, the game ended in a draw. Due to ACL injury, Edelman missed the entire season of 2017. In 2018, Edelman was responsible on the basis of doping charges He was also awarded a four-game ban as a penalty.

Edelman was a leading player at the Super Bowls XLIX. He secured 109 yards (99.67 m) and 9 receptions.

The Patriots went on to become Superbowl Champions with this game. Edelman's touchdown pass of 2:02 in the fourth quarter led to a big victory for the Patriots.

The Patriots have experienced several wins due to Edelman's stupendous performance.

Short Bio:

  • Full Name: Julian Francis Edelman
  • Birth Date and Place: 22nd May 1986 and Redwood City, California
  • Height : 1.78 meters Weight:198 lb
  • Schooling: Woodside High Scool, California
  • College: Kent State

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Career Details:

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Team Name: New England Patriots (From 2009 to present day)
  • Roster Status: Active

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Won Super Bowl Championship for 3 times (XLIX, LI, LIII)
  • Winner of Super Bowl MVP (LIII)

NFL Statistics of 2019:

  • Receptions:599
  • Receiving yards: Around 6,507
  • Receiving touchdowns: 36
  • Rushing yards: 391
  • Passing yards: 90
  • Passing touchdowns: 1
  • Total return yards: 2,612
  • Return touchdowns: 4

Legal Turmoil

Ella Rose, a Swedish model filed a paternity suit against Edelman. Edelman accepted his relationship with Ella. But he refused to give his name in his daughter's birth certificate.

Edelman was also held under the charges of a misdemeanor in Beverly Hills. In January 2020 he was accused of damaging the car hood.

Later, the charges were annulled and Edelman paid for damages to the owner.

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