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Julius Thomas Celebrity Life

It is wrong to assume that all those who pursue sports will be able to taste success. Even those who succeed in their respective sport confess that they have encountered several struggles and hurdles before achieving their dream of playing in big events. This is true for all sports including football.

Those who have achieved an enviable level of success in the sport of football also admit that only determination and willpower and of course, consistent practice have helped them in their accomplishments.

There are examples of several such players and this group consists of players belonging to the US as well. Julius Thomas is one such player from the USA. Let us know more about him.


Julius Thomas was born on 27th June 1988 and he played at the tight end position. During his college years in the state of Portland, he played football as well as basketball.

In 2011, Denver Broncos drafted him in the NFL fourth round. Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars are the other teams for which he played.

The Early Life of Thomas

Thomas' parents are Toria Thomas and Greg. Marcus and Trenton are his brothers. Thomas studied in High School Tokay in California's Lodi and graduated from the state university of Portland.

He took up Business Administration as the subject in his graduation.

Julius Thomas

The College Career of Thomas

In 2010, Thomas was chosen for the Sky Conference All-Big team. He played for the football team of Portland state and his tally for the season was two touchdowns and 453 yards-29 receptions. He had not taken part in any collegiate football event before 2010.

Thomas played actively for the basketball team of the Portland State as well. In fact, he played for four seasons. He had created several school records that included 121 number of games, 78 wins, and a very high percentage of field goals.

He played in the championship team for the regular season of Big Sky and took part in a couple of NCAA Tournaments as well. He was chosen for the tournament team of Big Sky twice.

His average in the senior category was 5.9 rebounds and 10.8 points. He shot .671, a school-record then.

The Professional Career of Thomas

Thomas' stint with Denver Broncos

In 2011, Denver Broncos chose Thomas for the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Though he was a rookie, his contract for the 2014 season was for a whopping $2,420,000. The contract was for four years.

2011 season

2011 was Thomas's first season in the NFL. But unfortunately, he sustained several injuries, and hence, he could have just one catch. The catch came from a match played with Cincinnati Bengals. He could play only five games during the season.


2012 season

Thomas could appear only in just four games during the season. This might be the reason why he could not record any big score.

2013 season

Thomas' performance improved significantly during the 2013 season. In a match played with Baltimore Raven on 5th September 2013, he scored a 110-yard, five-catch, two touchdowns.

In a Week 2 match against Giants of New York, he scored a 47-yard, six-catch, touchdown. His scoring streak continued in the match he played during Week 3 as well.

In a match with Oakland Raiders, he scored a touchdown and 37-yards three receptions. In a winning match played with Dallas Cowboys, Thomas excelled by scoring two touchdowns and catching 122-yards nine passes.

In another match played on 13th October 2013 against a team called Jacksonville Jaguars, he scored a touchdown and 22-yards four receptions. During the same month, his team played a match with Indianapolis Colts in which Thomas scored a touchdown and 41-yards five receptions.

A November match with San-Diego Chargers saw him scoring a touchdown and 96-yards three receptions. His team played a winning match in Week 16 and it was with Houston Texans. In that game, Thomas scored a touchdown which was his 51st during the season.

His team, Broncos, could reach XLVIII of the Super Bowl but unfortunately, it lost to Seattle Seahawks.

2014 season

2014 season began with a bang for Thomas. In a winning match played with Indianapolis Colts, he caught three numbers of touchdown passes.

The next match was against the Chiefs of Kansas City and in that game, Thomas scored a touchdown and 39-yards four receptions.

There was an XLVIII Super Bowl rematch against Seattle Seahawks and in that game, Thomas scored a touchdown and 17-yards three receptions.

In a match played with Arizona Cardinals on 5th October, he scored two touchdowns and 66-yards six receptions.

On 12th October, his team played against Jets of New York and in that game, Thomas scored two touchdowns and 44-yards two receptions.

In a match played against Patriots of New England on the 2nd of November, he scored a touchdown and 33-yards two receptions.

Yet another match was played on 9th November and in that match against Oakland Raiders, Thomas scored two touchdowns and 63-yards six receptions.

Thomas' contribution to the entry of Broncos into the 2014-playoff was immense. But they lost in a Divisional Round-match played against Indianapolis Colts.

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Thomas' stint with Jacksonville Jaguars

2015 season

On 10th March 2015, Thomas entered into a five-year deal with Jacksonville Jaguars and the deal was worth $46 million.

In a match played on 18th October against Houston Texans, Thomas scored a touchdown and 78-yards seven receptions. He was mainly responsible for his team's win in another match played with Tennessee Titans on 19th November.

In yet another match played on 29th November, he scored a touchdown and 116-yards nine receptions.

The match was against San-Diego Chargers. Even in the two matches played in December, he continued his scoring streak.

2016 season

September saw Thomas scoring a touchdown and 64-yards five receptions in a match played against Packers of Green Bay.

In October, his team played two games, one against Oakland Raiders and another against Tennessee Titans. In both the matches, Thomas displayed his scoring skills.

In a match played on 13th November, he scored a touchdown and 24-yards six receptions. The match was against Houston Texans. In December, he suffered from a back injury and hence, was placed as an injured reserve.

Thomas' stint with Miami Dolphins

On 9th March 2017, Thomas was traded to another team called Miami Dolphins. He entered into a two-year deal with the team.

Unfortunately, he had to remain as an injured reserve at the end of December 2017. In the 14 matches he played, he recorded three touchdowns and 388-yards 41 catches. In March, Dolphins released him.


On 24th August 2018, Thomas made a big announcement. The announcement was that he intended to pursue his doctorate in his favorite subject, psychology, and hence, he would be retiring and not be playing the NFL. He added that by studying CTE, he would be able to help others.

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