Justin Forsett Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Charry A.

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Justin Forsett Celebrity Life

Justin Forsett is an American born professional football player who plays in the running back position. Justin Forsett was born on the 14th of October, 1985 in Lakeland in Polk County, Florida.

He played his college-level football with the University of California for their football team named The California Golden Bears.

 Justin Forsett was picked up by the NFL member team Seattle Seahawks in the 2008 draft for new talents in the 7th round.

Apart from playing for Seattle Seahawks, Justin Forsett has also played for many other clubs as he was a traveler career ranging from clubs such as Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions, Houston Texas, Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens.

His career-best season was with Baltimore Ravens when he made to the Pro-Bowl following a stellar performance in the season before with rush yardage of 1266, touchdowns of 8, and carries of 235.

Early Years

Justin Forsett as mentioned above was born in the Lakeland area in Florida. He then moved onto Arlington in Texas for the completion of sophomore season and year of high schooling having been living in Mulberry area of Florida.

Once in Arlington, Justin Forsett completed his high school at the Grace Academy which was a preparatory school.

Justin Forsett
There Justin Forsett played school football along with basketball and also ran track. It was here where he first discovered his knack for Football as he made several records for his school.

In a final couple of seasons in Grace Academy, Forsett managed a total of 63 touchdowns and also rushed for a staggering 5000 yards, thereby leading his high school Grace Academy to two back to back Texas Private School Association level division - 4A state champions.

While in high school, he was nicknamed "The Truth" as Forsett was always truthful by nature, something he learned because of his parenting as his Forsett's father was a minister and also the coach.

Besides playing a sport, Forsett was also a handy musician and played the tenor in saxophone and self tutored himself a little bit of piano as well.


Justin Forsett in an interview once stated that music, video games, and nature photography would always be his favorite time-pass and counted them as serious hobbies. He counts ex-footballer and very popular Reggie White as his biggest source of inspiration and tried a lot to emulate him.

Besides Football and Basketball, Forsett also competed in relays and sprint events during his final couple of years at Grace Academy. 

During his senior year, Forsett set a personal best record in 100 meters when he completed it under 11.07 seconds. He made similar records in the 200-meter race as well at 23.3 seconds and 400 Meters at 54.1 seconds.

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College Career

After having got selected for the University of California, Forsett played a good amount of game time. In freshman year, Justin Forsett was primarily a subject special team managing to return one kickoff for a total of 11 yards.

During sophomore year, Justin Forsett filled in when fellow player Lynch was injured early in the season. Utilizing the opportunity, Justin Forsett ran for 235 yards in the game against New Mexico State.

Forsett again ran for more than 100-yards in the game against Oregon, following Lynch's injury sidelining him.

In his senior year, Forsett having established his place as a runner rushed for a staggering 1546 yards in total on a carry rate of 305 alongside scoring 15 touchdowns in total.

After completing his Senior Year, Forsett was picked by Seattle Seahawks, with whom he played one season before being waived off by Seahawks and going to Indianapolis Colts. He was back with Seahawks the next season and carried forth a career of one season with a host of clubs going forth.

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