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Justin Turner Celebrity Life

Justin Turner, born on 23rd November 1984 in Long Beach, California is an American baseball player and the third baseman of the team The Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB). He is a member of the 2017 All-Star Game of Major League Baseball and was announces the most valuable player in the 2017 National League Championship Series.

The Early Years

Justin was born in Long Beach to Besty and John Turner. Justin has a younger sister, Gillian. He attended Mayfair School in Lakewood. During performances for the school team, he joined the all-national team three times.

After leaving school, Justin entered the University of California at Fullerton, studied kinesiology and was playing for the student team. In 2004, as part of the Cal State Fullerton Titans, he won the student’s World Series.


In the 2005 draft, Justin was selected as the “New York Yankees” in the 29th round. However, he didn’t sign a contract with the team and the following year made it in the 7th round and was selected by "Cincinnati Reds".

From 2006 to 2008, Turner played at the Reds Farm Club System for Billings Mustangs, Sarasota Reds, Dayton Dragons, and Chattanooga Lookouts. In December 2008, he was exchanged for Baltimore Orioles as part of the compensation for the transfer of catcher Ramon Hernandez.

Justin Turner Background Check
Major League Baseball

As part of the Orioles, Justin made his debut in Major League Baseball in September 2009. He failed to gain a foothold and for two seasons in Baltimore, he played in only 17 games. At the beginning of the 2010 season, Turner moved to the "New York Mets"

After signing the contract, he began performing in the AAA League at Buffalo. For the first time, Justin was summoned to the main team on July 17. He spent most of the 2010 season as part of Buffalo. In one of the games, he realized six outs of six. Turner was again invited to the main squad in mid-April 2011. In May, in 23 games, Justin knocked out 23 hits and made 20 RBI with a hit rate of 32.5%. By the end of the month, he was recognized as the best rookie of the National League.

 After the end of the 2013 season, the Mets did not offer Turner a new contract and he left the team as a free agent. In February 2014, Justin contracted a minor league agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers and was invited to the club's spring training camp.

In fifteen pre-season games, he played in all four positions in the infield, beat off with an indicator of 33.3% and knocked out four doubles. In mid-March, the Dodgers signed a full-fledged contract with them.

In the 2014 regular season, Justin played 109 games, knocking out 21 doubles and seven home runs. After a successful season, the club management signed with him a new one-year contract for $2.5 million. In 2015, Turner held 126 games, setting a personal record for the number of knocked-out home runs.

Justin Turner Public Records
The Dodgers made it to the playoffs and in the games of the National League division series against the New York Mets, Justin became the club's best hitter, knocking out ten hits - the best team result since 1981. At the end of the season, he had to undergo arthroscopic surgery on the left knee. In the 2016 season, Turner set a personal record for the number of matches in the championship.

Together with the team, he reached the National League Championship Series, where the Dodgers lost to Chicago Cubs in six matches.

On 23rd December 2016, Justin signed a 4-year contract with the club for $64 million. In July 2017, he won a fan vote that determined the last player in the National League team at the All-Star Game. He got as much as 20.8 million people.

The Dodgers reached the playoffs again and took revenge on the Chicago Cubs in the Champions Series, winning five games. As a result of the series, Justin shared the award to Most Valuable Player with teammate Chris Taylor.

During the pre-season training camp before the start of the 2018 championship, Turner injured his left wrist, which caused him to miss the start of the season. In August, Justin beat off 40.2% in 25 games, knocking out 11 doubles and six home runs.

The productive series of the player amounted to 14 games. By the end of the month, he was recognized as the best player in the National League.

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