Kenley Jansen Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Kenley Jansen Background Check, Kenley Jansen Public Records

Kenley Jansen Celebrity Life

Born on 30th September 1987, Kenley Jansen is a professional basketball who plays as a pitcher for Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Dodgers. Though he was initially a catcher, he went on to play as a relief pitcher during his minor league career. It was in 2010 when the player made his debut in the major league.

He has been playing for the Dodgers since 2012, as well as, led the NL or National League in 2017. Jenson has been an MLB All-Star for three times now and the NL Reliever of the Year two times - 2016 and 2017. He earned the distinction of reaching three hundred career saves. In 2017, he also helped his team Los Angeles Dodgers to qualify in the World Series.


Early Years

He was born in Curacao's Willemstad and has two other elder brothers. His father was in construction until he had a stroke when the player was only 12-year-old while his mother happens to be a travel agent. He started playing the game when he was just 6-year-old along with his brothers.

Kenley Jansen Background Check

Minor League Career

He signed a contract with the Dodgers organization as one of the undrafted free agents on 17th November 2004. Assigned to the Gulf Coast Dodgers, the Rookie Class, Jenson hit 304 after playing in 37 games. He got an elevation to the Pioneer League's Ogden Raptors on 26th August. Once the season ended, Jenson played for the Hawaii Winter Baseball League's North Shore Honu where he played 9 games and hit 121.

The player divided 2007 between the Midwest League's CLass-A Great Lakes Loons and the Raptors and played 73 games in total while hitting 207. He played for the West Oahu CaneFires of Hawaii Winter Baseball League after the season ended. He was with the Loons in 2006 when he hit 227 in 79 games. Jensen was the Netherland team's starting catcher in 2009 at the World Baseball Classic Tournament.


Jenson got a promotion to the organization Los Angeles Dodgers on 23rd July 2010. He played his debut game in Major League on 24th July in relief against the team New York Mets. In 2010, he played 25 games in total with the Dodgers with an ERA of 0.67 and also saved 4 games.

In 2011, the player was detected with an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation and had to miss some games in the season because of blood thinners used to rectify his problem. However, the issue surfaced once again in the season of 2012 and he had to remain off the sports to undergo treatment.

Kenley Jansen Public Records
The Dodgers made an announcement on 10th January 2017 that they had resigned the player for a five-year contract worth 80 million USD. In 2018, he succumbed to an injury while undergoing spring training, He played slow after his workload of 2017. He was played in the list of disabled players for 10 days. Jenson struggled for the remaining part of the season probably because he was aware that he will have to undergo heart surgery once the season ended.

Personal Life

Kenley Jansen lives in Curacao with his parents during the offseason. His parents, in turn, stay with the player in Los Angeles during the season. His wife is a Curacao national called Gianni Jansen - Fransisca. The player has 2 sons and a daughter from gis marriage.

His daughter was born in the year 2013 while the sons were born in 2015 and 2018 respectively, Although Jansen is a right-handed thrower, he uses his left hand to write. The player is proficient in four different languages including English, Spanish, and Dutch. The player is a Curaçaoan national.

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