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by Mary R.

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Kid Nichols Celebrity Life

Born on 14th September 1869, Charles Kid Nichols was an MLB or Major League Baseball pitcher. He played for various teams like Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Boston Beaneaters from 1890-1906. The player passed away on 11th April 1953. A right-handed player who was a switch hitter, Nichols was 5 feet and 10 inches and weighed 79 kg. Kid Nichols ' name was also included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
It was until 1889 that Nichols played baseball at the minor league for three different teams after signing with the team Boston Beaneafers. He played his debut game in the following season. Also, Nichols was associated with the Beaneaters for 12 seasons. He was in the minor leagues for a 20year sojourn. In 1904, the former player was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals and he played for the Philadelphia Phillies subsequently. He ended his playing career with the Phillies in 1906. Nichols is well-known for having the distinction of the younger pitcher whose name was included in the 300 win club.

Kid Nichols Background Check

Early life

On 14th September 1869, Nichols was born in Madison, Wisconsin. Christina and Robert Nichols. Nichols' father was a butcher and had a grocery shop with various sites in Madison. He had kids from 7 kids from an earlier marriage to Sarah. His wife suffered from tuberculosis and died in 1859. His family relocated to Kansas City, Missouri from Madison when Nichols was a kid. He pursued baseball although his siblings worked in the butcher shop owned by the family.


Baseball playing career

Nichols played his debut game in the minor leagues' Kansas City team of 1887 before he was 18-year-old. The year 1888 was spent by him between Western Association's Kansas City and the Southern League's Memphis. He ended the year with a combined record of 27-10. The following year, Nichols had a record of 39-8 for the Western Association's Omaha Pmahogs.

In September 1889, he entered into a contract with Boston Beaneaters. In 1890, Nichols entered the major leagues. Kid Nichols took retirement from the game with 1,881 strikeouts, 2.96 ERA, 208 losses, and 362 wins. His 1st losing season was in 1900 when the tally was 13-16. Nichols had an improvement of 19-16 the next year. Once the season of 1901 ended, he bought an interest in Kansas City's minor league franchise. Nichols left the Beaneaters to pitch and manage for the Kansas City club and he won 48 games in 1902, as well as, 1903.

Kid Nichols Public Records

Later life

Nichols got associated with the film industry after his retirement from baseball. he partnered with Joe Tinker and started a movie distribution business to the theaters in the midwest. He was a famous bowler and opened bowling alleys in Kansas City. When he was 64-year-old, the player won a bowling championship. In 1949, his name was included in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Nichols was 83-year-old in October 1952 when he was hospitalized at the Menorah Hospital after complaining about his neck. He was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on 11th April 1953.

Personal details

Kid Nichols was born on 14th September 1869 into a big family in Madison in the state of Wisconsin. Although his father was a butcher for several years, he also worked as an alderman for a brief period. He had two half-brothers called John and James who were regular baseball players for the Capital Citys Club in Madison for some years before his birth. The club was linked to the National Association of Baseball players. Nichols along with some of his siblings shifted to Kansas City with their parents in 1881.

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