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Kobe Bryant Celebrity Life

Kobe Bryant, born on 23 August 1978 in PA, USA and died on 26 January 2020 in Calabasas, California, was an American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association for twenty seasons for team - Los Angeles Lakers.

He played as an attacking defender

He was selected in the first round under the general 13th number in the 1996 NBA draft for team Charlotte Hornets. Immediately after graduation, he began his career in the NBA. During this time, he won five championship titles, participated in the all-star match 18 times, joined the all-star team 15 times and was part of the all-star defense team 12 times.

With him being part of the national team, the United States won gold in the Olympic Games twice, and also became the winner of the American Championship. His four all-star MVP match rewards are the highest in NBA history.
On April 14, 2016, he ended his career in the NBA, gaining 60 points in his last match with Utah. At 34 years old, Kobe, in the history of the league, became the youngest player with 30,000 career points. He became the best sniper in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise on February 1, 2010, when he surpassed Jerry West.

Kobe Bryant

NBA Career

In 1996, Kobe became the first defender drafted by the NBA directly from high school. Kobe was selected in the first round under number 13 by the Charlotte Hornets club but was immediately transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers by prior agreement of the clubs.

Finding himself in the Lakers in a duet with the renowned Shaquille O'Neill, he won three consecutive NBA titles (2000, 2001, 2002), after which, a feud began between them, which ended with the exchange of Shaquille in Miami Heat. After his departure, Bryant became the Lakers' main star and the undisputed leader and symbol of the team.

2005-06 - After this season, Kobe changed his Lakers number from 8th to 24th. In 2017 in the month of December, the Lakers retired 8th as well as the 24th. Kobe was the 10th player in the Lakers’ history, whose number was withdrawn from the circulation.

Bryant’s NBA records:

The youngest player selected for the all-star NBA rookie team (1996-97);

The youngest player selected in the national team of all-stars of the NBA defense (1999-00);
The youngest player in the starting lineup in the NBA game (18 years 158 days);
The youngest player in the starting lineup in the NBA All-Star Game;
The fifth NBA player (after Wilt Chamberlain, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, and Michael Jordan), breaking the line of 30,000 points.

Background Check Kobe Bryant
Personal Life

On April 18, 2001, he married nineteen-year-old Mexican-born dancer Vanessa Lane. Kobe’s parents were against this wedding. Neither they nor his sisters, or teammates attended the ceremony. The couple’s first daughter Natalia Diamant Bryant was born on January 19, 2003. In the spring of 2005, Vanessa had a miscarriage due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Their 2nd child, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant was born on 1st May 2006 and died with her father on January 26, 2020. The couple’s third daughter Bianka Bella Bryant was born on December 5, 2016, and the 4th daughter Capri Kobe Bryant was born on June 20, 2019.

In 2003, Kathleen Faber was suspected of raping a nineteen-year-old hotel employee, but she refused to testify against him, after which the scandal was settled without judicial intervention. He was a fan of the football club Milan and spoke fluent Italian, as he lived in Italy until he was 13 years old.


On January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed (Sikorsky S-76 personal helicopter) in Calabasas, California. Another 8 people died in the crash, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

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