Kristen McMenamy Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Kristen McMenamy Background Check, Kristen McMenamy Public Records

Kristen McMenamy Celebrity Life

There are a number of people who have taken up the modeling profession. While folks of both genders work as models, there are certain models who are known for their androgynous appearances.

Kristen McMenamy, a model from the USA, is one of them. In fact, she is known for doing unconventional modeling. Let us know more about her.


It was Easton, Pennsylvania, which was the birthplace of McMenamy. Her birth date was 13th December 1964. She spent some of her early life in New York's Buffalo also.

Her unconventional attitude is evident from the fact that during the early part of the 1990s, she got her long, red hair cut and dyed it black. She did not spare her eyebrows as well.

She shaved them off.  Experts opine that her career got a boost thanks to the advent of a fashion trend that later got the popular name "grunge trend."

Kristen McMenamy  Background Check
The Early Life of McMenamy

McMenamy's parents had seven children and McMenamy was the 3rd child. She studied at the High School of Notre Dame and her grades in her studies were excellent.

Thanks to McMenamy's lanky frame, other children in her class teased her by calling her "Skeleton."

She dropped out of college because she wanted to pursue her modeling career. She shifted to the city of New York for achieving this aim but she faced rejections by several modeling agencies.

Being a strong-willed person, she did not give up. She continued making efforts for realizing her dream of becoming a model.

McMenamy's Career between 1984 and 1998

Her first assignment saw her shifting to Paris, France. After a few years, she got a chance to work with Elite Management of Models and Ford Models.

She did modeling for several of the top designers of the world. Peter Lindbergh, one of the most popular model photographers, and Karl Lagerfeld, Head Designer of Chanel were instrumental for her success in her modeling profession.

 After doing several modeling assignments, she was photographed by the popular photographer, Sante D'Orazio, for being featured in a book. In her modeling career, McMenamy worked with several other famous photographers in the fashion world.

In 1991, she worked in an ad campaign in which her pair was Claudia Mason. She appeared on the covers of many famous magazines including that of Vogue.

It was in 1992 she got her red, long hair cut and dyed it black. She got her eyebrows shaved off as well. According to experts, these were responsible for the advent of the so-called grunge fashion.

In 1992, Vogue released a photo spread specifically for the grunge fashion in which she was the main star. Harper's Bazaar chose her as the year's model in 1993.

Vogue, in its issue for its 30th anniversary, chose to have the photograph of McMenamy as well on its cover.

Kristen McMenamy Public Records  
Absolut Vodka chose her as the star for their fashion week. It was Newton, the famous photographer, who did the photo-shoot for this in Sweden.

In 1996, McMenamy appeared nude and the pictures were for a German magazine. She appeared also in the Pirelli Calendar for the year. Lindbergh chose her to be a subject in his "10 Women," a book that was released in 1996.

In 1998, McMenamy decided she would step away from modeling so that she could attend to her family affairs.

The Career of McMenamy from the period from 2004

It was in 2004 McMenamy decided to return to her profession. She decided to refrain from dyeing her locks so that her hair would look gray. In 2006, Vogue had her on its cover.

In 2009, she appeared on Vogue Italia's cover also. In 2010 and the subsequent years, she continued taking up modeling assignments and walking the runways in fashion shows. In 2011, McMenamy acted in a short film made by director Lagerfeld.

The Personal Life of McMenamy

The 1990s saw McMenamy developing a romantic relationship with Hubert Boukobza, a nightclub owner from Paris. This relationship resulted in their having a daughter in 1994.

After ending this relationship, she dated and married Miles Aldridge, a fashion photographer from the UK.

The wedding took place in 1997. McMenamy and Miles Aldridge had 2 sons. The relationship ended after 16 years and the couple legally separated in 2013.

McMenamy started dating Ivor Braka, a dealer of Art items. They got married in 2016.

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