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by Charry A.

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Kurt Warner Celebrity Life

Born on 22nd June 1971 at Iowa’s Burlington, Kurt Warner’s football career can be compared to a rags-to-riches tale. Warner was only 28-year-old when he achieved stardom for playing brilliantly in 1999.

When he played for the NFL for the second year, his contribution led to his team clinching a victory at the Super Bowl. He was also declared as the Most Valuable Player for his performance on the field. 
Early years

After Warner led his team to victory in his second year at the NFL, the player was the captain of 2 other teams in the following decade and was declared MVP in another season. There were some talks about his possible induction to the Hall of Fame. 

Warner mostly grew up in Iowa’s Cedar Rapids and had an older brother. His parents were Sue and Gene Warner. However, the couple parted ways when Kurt was only 4-year-old. Both the siblings lived with their mom after the divorce while the latter took up several low-level jobs to bring them up. Warner tried hard to be amicable with his new stepfather but the marriage lasted for just 5 years.

Kurt Warner Background Check
Warner started playing to get his mental peace. He attended a school called Regis High School situated in Cedar Rapids where he was excellent in several sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. He played in the quarterback position during his junior year and his coach at the high school recognized his tremendous intelligence on the field.

Early football career

In 1988 when Warner was in his senior season, he bagged the state honors for his superb playing and earned a tour to the Shrine Bowl of Iowa. It is a game that includes the top players of the state. He led his team to victory and was also declared as the MVP.
However, he was disillusioned when any major college football programs did not show interest to absorb him. Eventually, Warner attended the University of Northern Iowa. Situated in Cedar Falls, is a first division AA school, which was not particularly noted for producing brilliant NFL talents.

Warner was initially thrilled with the prospect of being close to home and he did his major in communications. After he wore the red shirt during his freshman year, he was asked to sit on the bench for the subsequent 3 seasons. Initially, he wanted to quit the game but did not do so after being convinced by his parents.

Although he was successful in his senior year, his dream of being associated with the NFL appeared a distant dream after he graduated in 1994. However, he did not give up and got a job in a supermarket in Cedar Falls.

He trained simultaneously at the college where he had studied during the daytime. He was optimistic about playing as a quarterback at the NFL during that time.

Background Check Kurt Warner
Success at NFL

He was told to play at the Arena Football League for the Iowa Barnstormers in 1995. His performance grabbed the attention of a struggling franchisee of NFL called Rams. The franchise sent Warner overseas so that he could participate in the European league of the NFL in 1998.

During the following seasons, the player managed to sign a contract for 4 years amounting to over 46 million USD.

The player was also responsible for ensuring that Rams make an appearance to the 2nd Super Bowl appearance just a couple of years later. It was the same year when he got his 2nd league award of Most Valuable Player.

Although there was still a year left for his contract to get over, Warner decided to end his illustrious football career by declaring his intention to retire in January 2010. Thereafter, he joined as an analyst for the NFL Network.

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