Linda Evangelista Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Fred F.

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Linda Evangelista Celebrity Life

Linda Evangelista is a Canadian model who shot to fame in the 1980s and became a mainstay in the global fashion industry, going on to become one of the ‘90s’ top supermodels.

An Early Introduction to Fashion

Linda Evangelista was born to Italian immigrants in the city of St. Catharines in the Canadian province of Ontario on May 10, 1965.

From a very early age, Linda displayed a keen interest in fashion and modeling. As a result, her parents enrolled her in a local modeling school when she was only 12.

Her time at the school taught her about etiquette and poise; two qualities that models must possess.


She took what she learned to heart and her modeling career took off humbly in her hometown. Her first big break came in the Miss Teen Niagara beauty contest in 1978.

While she failed to win the contest, her modeling skills caught the eye of Elite Model Management; a modeling agency that was famous all over the world.

Linda Evangelista Background Check
Enter the Elite Contract and Subsequent Stardom

Elite was quick to offer Linda a contract. She signed it and shifted base to New York City. In 1984, Elite sent Linda to Paris, the French capital, and also the world’s fashion capital.

Her career as a high-fashion model was officially underway, and she was only just 19.

In November 1984, she was featured on the cover of prominent French fashion magazine L’Officiel. Following this cover-page appearance, many other globally known fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Rolling Stone, and Time featured her on their respective covers as well.

Breaking the Fashion Stereotype

In 1988, Linda, based on a suggestion from renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, decided to sport a cropped haircut.

The change of hairstyle came at a time when the majority of her contemporaries were sporting much longer hairstyles.


While the change met with some criticisms early on, which resulted in some of her performances getting canceled, it became successful in the long run.

Within a matter of months, her new hairstyle became a global sensation and inspired girls and women around the world to experiment with their hair.

Seeing that she had a loyal global fan base, Linda continued experimenting with her hair, changing from one dramatic style to the next. In time, this led her to be fondly nicknamed as “the chameleon”.

The Supermodel Era

Her status as one of the planet’s major models resulted in lucrative contracts with Revlon and Versace.

The late ‘80s ushered in the supermodel era that would go on to last till the late ‘90s and Linda, along with Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Tatjana Patitz, became a supermodel that elevated her status even further.

Linda Evangelista Public Records
She appeared with the rest of the supermodels in the famous “Freedom! ‘90” music video of George Michael. The group also walked the runway alongside each other during George Michael’s couture show in 1991, which received rapturous applause from the audience.

One of Linda’s most famous remarks, “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” came during the peak of her success during the supermodel era.

She went on to appear in Unzipped (1995) and Catwalk (1996), two famous fashion documentaries of the supermodel era. In 1997, VH1, an American cable TV network, and Vogue, jointly presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Linda.

After the Supermodel Era

Linda decided to call it a day in 1998 and stopped modeling for 3 years, until her return in 2001. However, since 2001, her modeling work has been sporadic and her appearances have only been in select events.

Throughout her career, Linda was featured in over 700 magazine covers.

To this day, Linda Evangelista remains an inspiration for aspiring models due to her daring nature, the heights of success she scaled in the fashion world, and her professionalism.

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