Linda Fiorentino Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Alvin V.

Linda Fiorentino, Background Check Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino Celebrity Life

The entertainment field, and more particularly, the film world, fascinates many and this may be mainly because there are a few actors and actresses, who, even after acting for decades, consider themselves as learners. This means that they never stop learning. This also means that whenever they are entrusted with playing a new character, they apply their minds sincerely and try to come up with unique, sterling performances.

In other words, whichever film project they take up, they start their quest all over. This kind of attitude is what differentiates these fine actors and actresses from others. That is the reason they are regarded as the finest among the artists available.


The specialty with these fine actors and actresses is that they can take up any role and perform it with aplomb. Linda Fiorentino is one such actress because she has acted in diverse roles. Let us find out more about her.

When and Where Was Linda Fiorentino Born?

According to some people who avidly gather the details about actors and actresses, Linda was born on 9th March 1958. But a few others argue that she was born on 9th March 1960. But regardless of such differences, this American actress has been enthralling film-buffs with her performances since her debut in the film, "Vision Quest." In fact, she played the leading role in this 1985-drama film.

Background Check Linda Fiorentino
Since she never believed in acting in films of the same genre, Fiorentino showed to the world that she could act in action films as well by taking up the lead role in "Gotcha!" She acted in an action comedy-cum-science fiction and also in "Jade," a 1995-erotic thriller. She starred in "Dogma," a fantasy comedy. For her role in a 1994-film, she got film critics awards of New York and London. She got nominated for a BAFTA award as well.


The Early Life of Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino was the third child of her parents and she had 7 siblings. Her birthplace was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though her early childhood was in Philadelphia, the family shifted to New Jersey's Gloucester County. Her high school graduation took place in 1976 from the Sewell Township High School, New Jersey. After that, she studied at Rosemont College in Philadelphia and graduated in 1980. During her Rosemont College days, she acted in several plays.

The Career of Linda Fiorentino

Fiorentino's professional career in films began with a bang when she took up the lead role in the 1985-film "Vision Quest." Gotcha!, an action film followed and the film was shot in Paris, the United States, and in East and West Germany. Anthony Edwards was her co-star in the film and he directed her in a later film.

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Though she continued acting, she was not very much in the limelight till 1994. Only after she performed in Noir, a modern film, and in a John Dahl-directed film, she started receiving accolades. The John Dahl film got her the film critics awards of New York and London. She got nominated for the BAFTA award also for the role. She acted in Jade, an erotic thriller in 1995 but the film bombed at the box office. In 1996, she acted in Unforgettable, another film directed by Dahl.

In 1997, she played the lead role in another successful film. She later appeared in Body Count, a direct-to-video film. In 1999, Fiorentino acted as an employee working in an abortion clinic in Dogma. In a 2000-heist film, she did a co-starring role. She took up the lead role in a 2002-film. After 2002, her career journey slowed and came to a halt. Though she had discussions for acting in films, none of the projects took off.

Personal Life of Linda Fiorentino

Fiorentino married John Byrum, a writer and film director, but they separated after they divorced in 1993.

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