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Luke Appling Celebrity Life

Luke Appling or Lucius Benjamin "Luke" Appling was an American baseball professional. He has featured in Major League Baseball and played for the team, the Chicago White Sox for the whole of his career. He was inducted to the hall of fame in 1964. He was born on April 2nd, 1907 and passed away on January 3rd, 1991.

His birthplace was North Carolina and he went to Oglethorpe College. By that time, he signed for the Atlanta Crackers from the minor league in the year 1930. He made his debut for the Chicago White Sox late in the same year. He left his career in order to attend world war II between 1944 and 1945. He played for the Red Sox till 1950 and became a minor league manager and went on to become a major league coach who stayed for several years. He also coached the team on an interim basis during 1967. He passed away while in Georgia in the year 1991.


Early life and career

His birthplace was High Point in North Carolina. He went to Fulton High School. During this time, he was left-handed. He said that he shared this similarity with his father. However, since joining high school, he switched to being right-handed since he wanted to perform as a shortstop.

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He stayed for a couple of years in Atlanta’s Oglethorpe College. The baseball team from Oglethorpe stayed unbeaten for 15 games. During his final match for Oglethorpe, Appling struck 3 home runs versus Mercer University. Atlanta Crackers from the Southern League signed him late in that year. He was an impressive hitter through his initial year but made an excess of 42 errors out of 104 matches. The Chicago Red Sox finally purchased him for a sum of $20,000.

MLB career Highlights

Early career

Appling played for only 6 matches with the White Sox in the year 1930. He struck .232 average in batting from 96 matches in the year 1931. He improved his average from .274 to .322. The White Sox

His top season came in 1936 as he batted.388 and made 124 runs. This was his only season with 100-RBI. Further, he recorded 204 hits, made 111 scores. He also helped the team-record of 27-game streak in hitting. He had an above-average batting score when you consider a shortstop. It was also the best batting average posted by a shortstop in the whole of the 20th century.


He completed the season ranking second in the voting for the AL Most Valuable Player. Besides, he got selected to the All-Star Game for the first time in his career. He made a league-best of 119 double plays.

luke Appling Public Records

Late career Highlights

Appling made .317 for1937 when the team came 3rd in the AL. he featured in a total of 81 matches in the year 1938 but missed the majority of the season through a leg injury.

Come 1940, he made .348 and a career-best 13 triples. His team came in 4th rank and they were the closest to the top-ranked team than any year in his career. Appling won one more batting title in the year 1943, posting a .328 average. He also topped the league under OBP with .419.

Appling was absent from the 1944 season as he went to serve the United States military service. After he returned, he could feature in only 18 matches the following year.

In 1946, he played 149 matches and made .309. He featured in the 7th All-Star Game in the year 1947 and he hit .306. Even in his forties, he remained a major contributor.

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