Maddie Ziegler Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Charry A.

Maddie Ziegler Background Check, Maddie Ziegler Public Records

Maddie Ziegler Celebrity Life

Maddie Ziegler, whose full name is Madison Nicole Ziegler, is a young female Hollywood actress who was born on September 30th, 2020.

She is from a mixed ethnic background, with her ancestry including largely European being German, Polish, Italian, and Scottish. She was raised in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania where her mother was quick to recognize her dancing talents.

It is said that Ziegler developed a passion for dancing and performance very early in life since the age of two.

 She was first known for appearing in reality television shows, particularly those featuring dance moves. Her earliest television show was Dance Moms in 2011, which she was featured at the young age of eight years old.

She was featured in Dance Moms till 2016 for five years. She's also starred in music videos by celebrity singers particularly by the popular singer, Sia.

She is known for her dance moves and dancing roles even in the shows she's been a part of. She has starred in films, television, in the judging panel, and has also been featured in many magazines.

Maddie Ziegler Background Check

Television Shows and Popularity

Ziegler has been a part of many television shows after Live to Dance and Dance Moms which provided her the opportunity to showcase her talents and become a part of the wider cohort of television stars.

She was in 162 episodes of Dance Moms and was also the main feature cast of the show.

It is fair to say that Dance Moms provided Maddie Ziegler a foot into the door to other television shows that followed in her favor and success.

She's been a part of many reality TV shows including The Ellen De Generes Show where she was featured in six episodes and almost five with the famous singer Sia, for whom she performed as a dancer.

For Sia, she was featured in the famous song video for Sia's song called "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart." This brought Maddie Ziegler to fame with more than 4 billion people viewing the song videos on YouTube.


Other television shows Ziegler was a part of include: So You Think You Can Dance where she was featured in ten episodes, where she was also a judge and guest dancer.

Ziegler was also in Jimmy Kimmel Live where she performed her dance to the public in the reality TV show. Her other performances include Drop Dead Diva, where she was in a few episodes, and Pretty Little Liars where she was also in one episode.

Ziegler was also a part of a few TV commercials and many music videos. Her famous TV commercials were for the companies, Target Blue Jeans, Capizeo, and ASPCA. Ziegler has not only been in music videos of Sia, although Sia was the initial star that brought her acclaim, Ziegler has also featured in Kendell K's videos, Lennon Stella, LSD, Mack Z, and LUX to name a few.

Ziegler has also starred in feature films and short films namely, Lucky Thirteen, Ballerina, The Book of Henry and West Wide Story.

Maddie Ziegler Public Records  

Awards and Recognition

Maddie Ziegler has won many awards and recognition including being known for her feature in Time Magazine in the list of 30 most influential teens in Hollywood and Television shows.

Maddie also won the Industry Dance Award for Favourite Dancer 17 years and Under in 2014. In 2015, Zingler won Zimbio's Reality TV Emmy for Outstanding Scene Stealer.


In conclusion, very few people reach the fame that Maddie Zingler has done at a young age particularly for her talents in dance, movement, and performance.

She was firstly known for her appearances in reality television shows in Dance Moms, which later led her to be recognized in music video performances and feature films. She is one of the most well known and talented female Hollywood dancers in the world.

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