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Mason Vale Cotton Celebrity Life

Mason Vale Cotton, an American teen actor, was born in San Diego, California, on June 25, 2002. He is popularly known for his roles in different television series, including Bobby Draper in ‘Mad Men,’ Maynard ‘M.J.’ Delfino in ‘Desperate Housewives,’ as well as for voicing the lead character, Arnold in ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.’

Besides having played these prominent characters, he has also portrayed other characters like the Futuristic Boy in the movie, ‘A Dennis the Menace Christmas,’ Ezra Brady in ‘Radio Free Albemuth,’ and Chukie in ‘Mad Families.’



As an actor, Mason Vale Cotton’s achievements stand out among other star kids. Although his role as Bobby Draper on the television series ‘Mad Men’ is commendable, his portrayal of Maynard Delfino in ‘Desperate Housewives’ got him the attention he deserved.

His career in acting began in 2007 when he was five years old when he debuted in the movie ‘A Dennis the Menace Christmas.’ 2008 was the year when his career picked up steam. He got three irrefutable offers in movies and television shows like Medium, E.R., and The Splenectomy.

Mason Vale Cotton Background Check
In 2017, Mason went on to play a co-lead role in the short film ‘Super,’ where he depicted Billy. During the same year, he also got a chance to voice Arnold in the animation television short film ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.’ Throughout his career, Mason Vale Cotton has been a renowned, professional actor, who has gotten to perform some significant roles.

He is highly efficient in his work and became one of the most successful television actors in the United States at an incredibly early age.

Personal Life

Mason Vale Cotton was born in San Diego, California, to parents Hilary and Jason Cotton. He also has an older sibling, Maxwell Perry Cotton, who is also a notable actor, known for his role as Cooper Whendon in the popular television series, ‘Brothers & Sisters.’

One of Mason’s favorite pastimes besides acting is football. His love for the game can be witnessed through his team’s victory at the 2013 Superbowl.


Though he was born in San Diego, California, his family moved to Sherman Oaks when he was just a little boy. Cotton likes to meet and interact with people, which is also one of his hobbies, besides playing football.

His estimated net worth is roughly one to five million dollars, as suggested by the data collected in 2019. Cotton is also one of those successful actors to have ranked on the list of celebrities born on June 25, 2002. The actor is currently single and has not dated anyone yet.

As of 2020, Mason Vale Cotton is 17 years old. Although he didn’t date anyone, in particular, there are speculations that he was in a relationship in the past.

Mason Vale Cotton Public Records  
Awards and Recognition

Mason Vale Cotton is known for his stellar performances in both television and films, including the hit television series, ‘Mad Men.’ The entire cast of the series, including Mason Vale Cotton, was nominated for the SAG Awards in 2016.

The series also won an Emmy along with other series from the same production house, LIONSGATE, including popular ones like ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and ‘Manhattan.’ Although Mason did not come into the spotlight at the Emmy Awards, he still won the ‘Best Dressed of the Night’ award.

Mason Vale Cotton has had an exciting career in television so far. It’s impressive to see how much he has achieved as an actor at such an early age.

He is also a great voice artist, having voiced for the character of Arnold. He has a great career ahead of him as long as he continues to keep up with the excellent work.

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