Matt Bosher Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Matt Bosher Celebrity Life

Matthew Bosher is a National Football League player for the Atlanta Falcons. He was drafted as a punter in round six of the 2011 NFL Draft.

While playing college football for The University of Miami, Bosher was ranked a first-team All-ACC player. Bosher has been ranked number 74 for his overall performance in the NFL.
Early Life

Bosher was born on October 18, 1987, in Greenacres, Florida to Virginia and Carl Bosher. Bosher grew up in Florida where he attended Jupiter High School. He became a popular football player during this time.

As a high schooler, Bosher was recognized as a top national placekicker. Scout, ESPN, and Rivals ranked him the first, third, and sixth-best placekickers respectively.

He also earned the title of Florida’s best kicker in the Florida Times-Union Super 75. Following high school graduation, Bosher attended The University of Miami where he played college football from 2007-10.

Matt Bosher Background Check

College Football

In college, Bosher served as the starting punter for the Hurricanes, punting nearly 9,778 yards. From 2008 till 2010, Bosher was also the starting placekicker for his team.

In the first season, Bosher punted 10 times for 408 yards in the season’s second game against Oklahoma. In the season’s 11th game against Virginia Tech, Bosher punted almost six times for 310 yards which were considered a season-high average.

In the first two games of his following season, Bosher converted all seven extra-point tries. He recorded season-high scores of 11 punts in the sixth game against Central Florida and four punts in the twelfth game against NC State.

Throughout the season, Bosher recorded 40 extra-point attempts, 67 punts for 2,638 yards, and 18 out of 20 field

goal attempts.

Bosher was able to successfully convert 50 extra-point attempts, 51 punts for 2,169 yards, and 14 out of 16 field-goal attempts in season 2009.

As a placekicker and punter for his third season straight, Bosher recorded 37 out of 40 extra-point attempts, 59 punts for 2,597 yards, and 13 out of 17 field goal attempts.

The Atlanta Falcons selected him in round six of the 2011 NFL Draft with whom he has played until 2019.
Professional Football

Bosher made his NFL debut in 2011 against the Chicago Bears. Despite their loss, Bosher made five punts for 192 yards. Bosher scored 70 punts for 2,990 yards over the season.

He earned the title of NFL punter of the day upon recording six punts over 47.8 yards in their game against the Carolina Panthers.

Season 2012 saw six punts for 319 yards being scored by Bosher in one game. He concluded the season by recording a season-high score of 60 punts over 2,847 yards and four punts over 174 yards in the two playoff games.

Bosher also recorded 68 punts over 3,166 yards in season 2013. He was the only player to have appeared in 16 regular-season games and all playoff games from 2011-17.

Matt Bosher Public Records  

Bosher had success in the following season by scoring seven punts over 344 yards in one game against the Carolina Panthers, and three punts over 159 yards in another against the Arizona Cardinals.

He also recorded four punts over 231 yards in the 2015 season-opening game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

For this first time in his NFL career, Bosher did not attempt a single punt in their next game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, he finished the season strong with a performance of 58 punts over 2,735 yards.

Bosher ended season 2016 by scoring 44 punts over 2,060 yards in the regular season games and 11 punts over 492 yards in the playoff games. He delivered a strong performance in 2017 by registering 53 punts over 2,379 yards.

A groin injury prevented Bosher from participating in season 2019 games and he was placed on injured reserve in December 2019 after the pain aggravated.

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