Matt Ryan Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Matt Ryan Celebrity Life

Early Life and Biography

Matthew Thomas Ryan is an active American professional football player and was born in 1985, at Exton, Pennsylvania.

He plays in the quarterback position and is, currently, a Falcon player with Atlanta, under the NFL umbrella.

Ryan is also a proficient golfer and has taken an active role in golf tournaments for celebrities. He was the third child of his parents, Bernice and Michael Ryan.

 He has three siblings. Ryan comes from athletic stock on both sides of his family - on his mother’s side, his mother’s brother played as a quarterback in college football in Boston.

His cousin was a Notre Dame college footballer and was later signed on by an NFL team. He grew up in Philadelphia, and, as a little boy in school, his first love was football.

He continued at his school till he graduated high school. He announced that he and his wife, Sarah, were expecting twins in 2017. The twins, Marshall and Johnny, were born in 2918.

Ryan made a cameo appearance in a television series based on his life in 2019. The series is called Schooled and airs on the ABC network.

Matt Ryan public records

High School Life

During his high school days, Ryan was a starter. He won awards for recognition of his skill at the game and many honorable mentions.

In his senior year, Ryan achieved throws of more than 1,300 yards and had 9 touchdowns to his name.

At the end of his high school career, he had attained greater than 52 percent of his attempts at passing the ball. He was at the top of his game as captain of the high school football team.

As a senior, Ryan was given the challenging responsibility of being the captain of the football, basketball, and baseball teams - something he welcomed without fear.

For the football team, he played in the quarterback position. For the baseball team, he was a pitcher, and for the basketball team, he played in the position of a forward.

 As a sophomore, he began to get offers for a college football scholarship. Given his multi-talented athletic abilities proven in his high school years, colleges like Temple, Connecticut, Purdue, and Georgia Tech were all vying for his attention.

Nonetheless, he verbally committed to Boston College, as he wanted a location closer to where he lived.

Apart from this, he wanted to go to a college with a decent football background, while simultaneously focusing on academic life. He found all that in Boston.

College Life

In his first year, Ryan was redshirted. This was in 2003. He started the 2004 season as a quarterback that started the games, as another starter quarterback was down with an injury.

He won the game for the Boston team against Massachusetts University with a score of 29 - 7. Later in that year, he finished with a touchdown - his first for the college. In 2004, Ryan exhibited academic success and won a combined award for athletics and academic achievement.

While at college in Boston, Ryan attained numerous awards for records he broke, among which were the Manning and awards of the ACC.

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Professional Football

Ryan was picked by the team of Falcons from Atlanta in the draft of the NFL of the year 2008. He signed a contract for six years with the team for an amount of $72 million.

Out of that amount, $34.75 million was guaranteed as to payment. This qualified him as the quarterback player of the NFL who received the fourth highest payment ever.

Besides this, Ryan had signed endorsements for major sporting brands that year. He had a great rookie year, all-round - he made passing yards to the tune of more than 3,000.

He was only the second rookie who had achieved that feat. The first was Peyton Manning. With a number of successes up to 2013, Ryan renewed his Falcons contract - it was worth $103.75 million.

Throughout his career, he has started 154 straight games in seasons, with a total of 51,186 yards, his highest being in the 2016 season - when he made 4,944. He continues his winning streaks and success to this day.

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