Michael Bennett Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Michael Bennett Background Check, Michael Bennett Public Records

Michael Bennett Celebrity Life

The 34-year-old Michael Bennett is known for his three-time pro bowl champion at defensive end. The American footballer is applauded for his victory at the Super Bowl XLVII. He shares his genes with a former player Martellus Bennett.

He has represented multiple teams including Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Eagles, New England Patriots, and Dallas cowboys.

With a net worth of 28 million dollars, his family foundation encourages healthy living practices.


Early Life:

Bennett was born in Independence, Louisiana on the thirteenth of November. He was raised in Houston, Texas alongside his siblings Renekia, Ashley Bennett, Donte Bennett, Martellus Bennett, and Richard Bennett.

His brother Martellus was signed by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2008 NFL series.

Michael started playing football and baseball in high school where he competed in track. He received an All-District honor as a junior and the first team honor as a senior.

Bennett made a huge contribution to his team when he had 30 tackles and 3 quarterback sacks in just his freshman year.

Michael Bennett Background Check

Michael Bennett started as a freshman in Texas A&M, he was at the top of his game and was the best tackler in their possession.

The Big 12 Conference selected him at the defensive end after 43 tackles were noticed.

Bennett joined the Seattle Seahawks as a free agent in 2009. Analysts say that due to his college background Bennett was not drafted. After months of training and coaching, he was given a chance to redeem himself as a pass-rushing tackle.

He was replaced by Kyle Williams in 2010. Bennett had the highest records in his career with Tampa Bay as a defensive tackle and was an integral part of the team before Seahawks approached him again.


The young professional was asked to sign a deal of 4.8 million dollars in 2013 that lasted for a year. His first touchdown was against the New Orleans Saints and was majorly held responsible for the victory of Seattle Seahawks at the Super Bowl XLVII.

The Seahawks re-signed Bennett to a four-year, $28.5 million deal on March 10, 2014, a day before the free agency for the 2014 season began.

Michael Bennett scored 3.5 sacks of Colin Kaepernick in a game against the San Francisco 49ers on October 22 of the 2015 season.

The Hawks won the game 20-3, and for his results, Bennett was designated the week's defensive star. After a few games into 2015, Michael was ranked as one of the top ten defenders in the National Football League by Pro Football Focus.

Michael Bennett Public Records  
In March 2018, Philadelphia Eagles acquired Bennett and played in all 16 games with a wonderful record.

A year later he was exchanged with New England Patriots for a short duration as Bennett was in disagreement with his coach.

In 2019, Bennett was included in the Dallas Cowboys in place of Tyrone Crawford who was placed on the injured reserve list. He is considered as one of the top players on the team but was not asked to continue his presence on the team.

Personal Life:

Michael is married to Pete Bennett and has been with her for the last 20 years. They got married at a Hawaiian island in 2012.

They have three daughters named Peyton Bennett, Blake Bennett, and Ollie Bennett.

Mr. Bennett is estimated at a value of 28 million dollars that includes his endorsements, NFL contracts, and his regular salary.

With an athletic body, the player is known to have a few temper tantrums towards his team management.

He has a combined total of 359 tackles and 69.5 sacks in his career. He presently represents the Philadelphia Eagles and is working on repeating his NFL successes.

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