Michael Jordan Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Michael Jordan Background Check, Michael Jordan Public Records

Michael Jordan Celebrity Life

Born on 17th February 1963, Michael Jordon is the NBA’s most successful and popular player of all time. Throughout his career, he was applauded for his ability to hit slam dunks from free throw lines without any glitches.

Michael Jordan was hardworking, impressive and a highly focused player from the beginning, who crushed every challenge and grew into one of the finest players of the NBA.

 Till today, Jordan is recognized to be an accomplished professional basketball player with 15 seasons and six championship wins playing for Chicago Bulls to his credit.

Early life

He was born in Brooklyn and went to Emsley A Laney High School where he played basketball, football, and baseball. Michael completed his graduation from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he studied cultural geography. His passion for basketball was inspired by his father’s interest in the game while both shared a deep bond with each other.

Michael Jordan Background Check
Jordon played for different basketball programs while he was in his college and always prepared himself to be at the top-rung and dominate the game with his matchless energy and skills. Jordan gained early recognition for his stunning baskets as a freshman in 1982 and was also named as Player of the Year soon after.

Under the guidance of Coach Dean Smith, Michael Jordan played three seasons with Chicago Bulls and became one of the best defensive players for his team. From early on, Jordan was confident; he was capable of scoring high through clear dunks which also won him the title of Air Jordan.

He attracted loudest cheers from the crowd of fans when he used to walk in on the basketball court to play. With a gigantic 6.6 ft height, Jordan’s ability to hit the dunks was incomparable and earned him the status of a Star Player.



He was noted for his marvelous performance being in the Chicago Bulls team. His team looked upon on him while he piled on high scores and led the Bulls to several record-breaking victories.

Jordan’s sheer grit was responsible for Chicago Bull’s title-clinching wins in 1996, 97 and 98 seasons. He also played for two national titles for Olympic Gold in the American Basketball Team.

Jordan also took abrupt retirement and comeback decisions; he announced his retirement from NBA twice in 1993 and during 1999. His return to the court in 2001 commenced with Washington Wizards, wherein he played in all 82 games and starting in 67.

Michael Jordan played his last game during 2002-03 in Philadelphia and received a standing ovation from thousands of fans, his teammates, and coaches.

Michael Jordan Public Records  

Michael Jordan has a long list of achievements which made him a true global basketball icon. He was not merely a basketball champion but sported a superstar status. Jordan starred in a mainstream Hollywood flick Space Jam, essaying himself.

He owns several titles like Rookie of the Year, NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award, NBA Champion title, NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player Award and more. Jordan is named in the NBA’s 50 greatest players of all time.

His success continued with buying an ownership stake in the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006. And owing to his superstar on-court performances, Jordan became NBA’s first billionaire player in 2014.

Jordan was a legendary basketball champion and retired on a winning note with an average of 30.1 ppg. He made considerable contributions to charities and also endorsed Make A Wish Foundation.

Jordan was named in Forbes 20 most powerful celebrities in 2010 for his brand endorsements. The story of his career, achievements, and inspirations has been authored and published in books - For the Love of the Game and Driven from Within by Mark Vancil.

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