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Michael Young Celebrity Life

Michael Brian Young is a former infielder of baseball from America. He was born on the 19th of October 1976. He played a total of 14 leagues in the MLB for the Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, and LA Dodgers.

From 2014, he has been working as the front office desk of the Rangers. Formerly played as the second baseman, Michael is the five times winner of All-Star. He was also the batting champion of the American League in the year 2005.


Michael started playing baseball when he was in high school at the Bishop Memorial School. He continued playing when he was in college at California University and was then drafted in the year 1994 by the Baltimore Orioles. He has drafted again in the year 1997 by Toronto Blue Jays.

Michael played various seasons for the Blue Jays in minor leagues and was then traded in by the Rangers where he played for almost one decade. He was introduced to the Hall of fame of the Rangers in the year 2016.

Michael Young Background Check
Early life

Michael did his schooling from Bishop Memorial School which is located in California then attended the University of California. His mother was Anna Young and his father Fred Young. Both of them supported him from the very first day of his career. Young loved the game of baseball from a very young age and started playing when he was only 4 years of age.

Professional life

Michael made his debut in baseball as a pro player in the year 1997 with the Blue Jays in the league of New York Penn. He holds a striking achievement of 16 streaks of the game hitting and with a total of 136 bases for third in the same league. He spent the entire season with the Hagerstown Suns in the year 1998.

He started playing as the second base. Right after the usual season, he started playing for the Cucamonga Surfers. Later, his contract was purchased by the Rangers on the 27th of September and played five major games of the season with his debut position as the pinch-runner.


Life in Texas Rangers

Michael played for the Rangers from 2000 to 2012. He hit an average of .249 in a total of 106 games in the position of second batsmen in the year 2001. By the year 2003, he was at the third position in the league with a total of 204 hits. He also had an average of .306. Michael also held a fielding percentage of .987. Right after the new contract, he moved on to the position of shortstop.

Michael Young Public Records
He won the batting title of AL in the year 2005 with total hits of 221 and an average of .331. He is also well known for his home runs which numbered to 24. In the year 2007, he signed a contract of $80 million which extended his contract with the Ranger till 2013.

On the 16th of June 2010, Young hit a ground ball right up the middle and collected his career hit of 1,748. Right after his retirement, he was hired by the Rangers as the special assistant to Jon Daniels.

Family and later life

Michael married Cristina who he met while studying in high school. He is the father of three children: Emilio, Mateo, and Antonio. He is also a philanthropist by nature. He along with his wife donates for the cancer campaign for kids.

In the year 2011, Michael and his wife launched the Michael Young Foundation which acts as a charity for supporting the health of children in all sectors: social, educational and also mental. He also won the award of Miller Man of the Year in the year 2008 and 2011.

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