Mickey Mantle Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Julian T.

Mickey Mantle Background Check, Mickey Mantle Public Records

Mickey Mantle Celebrity Life

Mickey Mantle was an important Major League player for Yankees. He played different positions on the field and he was popularly referred to as The Commerce Comet. His fans fondly called him as the Mighty Mick. He was also the biggest hitter during his time. Due to his exemplary work, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. In the year 1999, he was elected into the All-Century Team. 


Mickey was born in Oklahoma in the year 1931. He belonged to an English ancestral legacy and his father was Elvis Charles Mutt Mantle. Mickey, his father, and his grandfather played baseball together and during the games, Mickey used to play left-handed against his dad and right-handed against his grandfather. Since the age of 4, Mantle enjoyed playing and watching baseball.

He was an all-rounder who played basketball and football at school. He suffered an injury during a game of football that caused osteomyelitis and he was treated at Oklahoma city hospital for the same.

Mickey Mantle Background Check
Professional Career

Mantle started his professional baseball career at Kansas in the year 1948 with Baxter Whiz Kids. He was absorbed into the minor league by Tom Greenwade. He signed his first contract for $140 USD with a whooping signing bonus of $1500 USD. He played for Independence Yankees and then he joined the Miners in 1950. His stint at MLB started in 1951 as a right fielder.

He played for Kansas City Blues. Each time Mantle felt he was not able to cope up with the game pressure; his father stood by his side and supported him. Mantle injured his leg in 1951 World Series – still continued to play the game with brilliant sportsmanship. In 1951, Mantle started playing center field and his records for highest home runs runs batted and runs scored kept accruing.

In 1949 Mantle wished to join the military services, but was exempted due to his osteomyelitis condition. 1956 was Mantle’s favorite year at baseball where he won many awards and recognitions. In 1958, his game started to slow down and he began to reduce the games played as his injuries were increasing his pain. He decided to retire in 1968-1969. June 8 was declared as Mickey Mantle's day as he retired from his game.


Rewards and Recognition

In 1956, Mantle has won Triple Crown as he had a batting average of .353, 52 home runs and 130 Runs Batted In. Mantle also wrote a book My Favorite Summer 1956 that summarized his experiences in the field during his best year. Mantle played for 16 golden games among the 20 all-star games during his career.

He was considered as the most valuable player in American League matches three times and has also won a gold glove. Along with these records, Mantle also holds the records for appearing in 12 World Series, seven championships, maximum home runs, RBI’s and total bases. All his colleagues considered Mantle as a threat on the field as he was a legendary center fielder.

With excellent fielding percentage and lowest career rate of grounding into double plays, Mickey Mantle played best in the center field among his contemporaries.

Mickey Mantle Public Records

Personal Life

Mantle was very close to his father, mother, and wife. On his retirement day, his mother, mother-in-law, and wife were at his side and acknowledged the honor. He was declared as the third on the all-time home run list. His power-hitting home runs during major league have been etched in history.

Net Worth

Mantle was the highest-paid player in baseball as he signed a $75,000 USD contract in the year 1961. Mantle received highest salary of $100,000 during his 1963 season and he never asked a rise to his team. His income came from playing baseball only.

Despite his injuries, Mantle played wonderful baseball and was an epitome of sportsmanship. He died in 1995.

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