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Mike Leake Celebrity Life

Michael Raymond Leake or Mike Leake is a professional American baseball player who features for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the MLB. He was a part of the Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Seattle Mariners, and San Francisco Giants previously.

Leake featured for the Arizona State Sun Devils from Arizona State University during his college days. Leake was picked during the initial round of the MLB drafts of 2009. He was introduced to the first team to play in the MLB in 2010. He never played in the minor league prior to this. Thereby, he became one out of the only 21 players to have gone into the MLB team from the drafts.

Leake played for the Reds in 2015 after which he was exchanged to the San Francisco Giants. He signed with the Cardinals after becoming a free agent. He was then switched to the Mariners in 2017. He was exchanged again to the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2019 during the Trade Deadline.


Professional career

Cincinnati Reds

Leake chose to stay in college after he was drafted away from the high school in 2006. The Cincinnati Reds drafted him again and he took the offer. He featured in the Arizona Fall League with the Peoria Saguaros and received the award for the Rising Star of the Arizona Fall League.

Background Check Mike Leake

Leake played his first major league game in April 2010 during a win over the Chicago Cubs. He earned a career record of 4-0 and became the first rookie for Reds to achieve this after 1976. He was the first Reds rookie to stay undefeated even after the 10th game versus the Houston Astros.

He started facing shoulder problems towards the end of the season and was transferred to the Disabled List. However, he never pitched for the rest of the season. He played as a pinch-hitter and pinch-runner later after proving fitness.


Leake received a call back to the squad and faced the Braves in May. He pitched 6 innings in the one-run ball.


Leake struck his first home run against the Atlanta Braves during the fourth innings. He made his first complete throwing game versus the San Francisco Giants as they won the match. He played his first postseason game versus the San Francisco Giants and won the match 8-3.



Leake started 31 matches for the team and had 3.37 ERA as well as 122 strikeouts from 192.3 innings.


Leake featured in 33 starts and went 11-13 along with ERA of 3.70 as well as 164 strikeouts from a total of 214 and 1/3rd of an innings.


Leake started in 21 games for the Reds and had an ERA of 3.56 along with 9-5 records.

San Francisco Giants

He switched to the Giants but did not perform his best games here. He pitched 6 innings over 9 starts he made there and won 2 matches from these. He had an average of 4.07 runs earned.

Mike Leake Public Records

St. Louis Cardinals

Leake played his first game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates. He earned his first win versus the Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners


Leake signed for the Seattle Mariners and made his debut versus the Oakland Athletics. He recorded 3-1 and2.53 ERA from 32 innings he pitched.


Leake started in 31 matches for the team and recorded 10-10 and 4.36 ERA from the 185 and 2-3rds of an innings pitched.


Leake ended the 2019 season with 9-8 record and 4.27 ERA. He played his career-best of 1.2 BB out of 9 in the 137 innings.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Leake signed for the Arizona Diamondbacks in July.

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