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Mike Schmidt Background Check, Mike Schmidt Public Records

Mike Schmidt Celebrity Life

Michael Jack Schmidt or Mike Schmidt is a former baseball professional from America. He was born on September 27th, 1949. He used to feature for the Philadelphia Phillies of the MLB. He played for them across 18 seasons. He featured in the All-Star team 12 times and won the MVP of the National League thrice. He was particularly known for his defensive abilities and power hitting.


He amassed a total of 548 home runs and made 1,595 RBIs. He topped the National League statistics for the highest number of home runs on 8 occasions and in RBIs 4 times. He won the Gold Glove Award of the National League as a fielder for a total of 10 times. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Baseball in 1995. He is regarded by many as the best third baseman of all-time in baseball.

He possessed a strange batting position. He stood with his back almost turned to the pitcher. He rocks his back from side to side as he waited for the pitch. Since he stood far out of the batter’s box, it was almost impossible to jam by making a pitch inside. He was a top athlete of his time.

Mike Schmidt Background Check

Professional Baseball Career

Minor Leagues

Schmidt was picked by Phillies in June 1971. He played his professional debut during an exhibition match versus the Reading Phillies. He later joined the Reading Phillies and played for them in the 1971 season. He got a promotion to the Eugene Emeralds of Triple-A level in the Pacific Coast League. He also used to play as the second base in his playtime during the minor leagues.

Major Leagues

Schmidt played for the Phillies during two seasons. He batted with an average of .263, 122 RBIs, and 34 home runs. He made his major league debut versus the New York Mets in September of 1972.

During the season of 1973, he batted with an average of .196, and 18 home runs along with 136 strikeouts. In the 1974 season, he batted with an average of .282 and got picked to the All-Star team. He made 116 RBIs, 36 home runs. He also made a record of 404 assists which is a record coming from a third baseman.


He signed a new contract with the Phillies and made him the highest-earning baseball player till that time. He also became the first-ever player to cross the $500,000 mark yearly.

His team won the National League’s East Crown thrice in successive years. However, the Cincinnati Reds defeated them in 1976 and against the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1977 and 1978. He made 45 home runs that season and broke the previous record of 43.

Mike Schmidt Public Records

He was Phillies’ main player as they defeated the Expos and went on to gain the first place. He made 48 home runs and defeated his team record for the same feats. Eventually, he led the league in terms of Home runs and was elected for the MVP without any opposition.

During the year 1986, Schmidt came back to his original third base position. He ended up bagging the 3rd MVP award of his career. This was a record for the third baseman. He also registered 119 RBIs and led the league with 37 home runs.

Schmidt registered the 500th home run of his career during this time. He missed more than a month due to injury. He came back healthy in 1989 when he also announced his retirement. He played his farewell match versus the San Francisco Giants.

He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1995 with the 4th highest number of votes of that time.

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