Mike Wallace Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

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Mike Wallace Celebrity Life

Burnell Michael Wallace III is an ex-football star who played in the NFL. His position was that of a wide receiver. In the football world, Wallace is known for his agility and quickness.

He finished a 40-yard dash in just 4.33 seconds at the NFL scouting combine. Wallace has a muscular build and he is quite tall - standing at 6 feet. He weighs 200 pounds and has had a successful football career.


Early Years

Wallace was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended the O. Perry Walker high school where he met the future cornerback of New Orleans Saints, Keenan Lewis.

Both of them played together on their high school football team. Wallace didn't step into the field much during his junior seasons.

However, he had a very good senior season with outstanding numbers. He had a total of 19 touchdowns and 60 catches.

His coaches soon realized that Wallace was professional material and they had to push him as much as they could.

Wallace ended up receiving All-state honors as a wide receiver. He also earned league, district, All-league, All-metro, and All-west bank MVP honors.

Mike Wallace Background Check
Apart from football, Wallace also ran track in high school. He was destined to be a professional sportsperson.

However, as he enrolled in college, Wallace decided to devote his time to the game of football.

After he finished high school, Wallace landed a scholarship from Oregon State. However, he ended up joining the University of Mississippi as his high school coach had taken up employment there.

Wallace had a great run in college and it was soon clear that Wallace would go on to become a professional footballer. Superprep ranked him at 17th in a list of college prospects for Louisiana state.

Wallace also got to participate in the 2009 Senior Bowl, representing the South team. He got the opportunity as another wide receiver who was invited to represent the team did not show up.



After his magnificent feat at the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine, Pittsburgh Steelers were quick to grab a young Wallace for their team. Wallace ended up signing a contract with the team for roughly 1.7 million dollars.

In the locker rooms of Pittsburgh Steelers, Wallace was reunited with his high school buddy Keenan Lewis.

In one game, Wallace caught a game-winning pass which led to him winning the Joe Green Great Performance Award. After catching that pass, Wallace gained a lot of popularity among Steelers fans.

Wallace finished his 2009 season as a leading rookie with an average reception of 19.4 yards.

Mike Wallace Public Records  
2010 was even a better year for Wallace. Due to his amazing rookie performance and the trade of Santonio Holmes to New York Jets, Wallace became the back-up wide-receiver for Hines Ward.

In 2010, Wallace averaged 21.0 yards per catch - a number which was quite impressive considering it was only his second year in professional football.

In 2011, after a magnificent play between Wallace and Roethlisberger, wherein they connected a 95-yard long pass, the longest one in the history of his team, he was selected for the AFC to play the Pro-Bowl. Wallace ended up becoming a free agent towards the end of 2012.

However, that would soon change as he was signed by the Miami Dolphins in 2013. Yet, Wallace didn't hang around much in Miami lockers as he was soon traded to Minnesota Vikings in 2015.

Wallace got his first touchdown for the Vikings against the Denver Broncos. 2015 wasn't that good of a year for Wallace as he had his lowest number of catches that year.

In 2016, Wallace signed a contract worth 11.5 million dollars with Baltimore Ravens. In 2018, he played for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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