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by Renz Q.

Monte Morris Background Check, Monte Morris Public Records

Monte Morris Celebrity Life

Monté "Man-Man" Robert Morris was born on 27th June 1995 Morris in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States of America to mother Latina Morris. He was raised in Flint and attended Flint Beecher High School in Michigan, USA. He plays the position of point guard and has a listed height of 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters and a listed weight of 183 pounds or 83 kilograms.


High School Career:

He was in the starting five for all four years of his high school team, the Buccaneers. In his time in high school, Morris won the Associated Press C Player of the Year Award in Michigan three times in a row, and also got selected for all- state thrice. He also led his team to Class C State titles in 2012 as well as 2013. During this time, he also won the Mr. Basketball award in Michigan.

He was at the 96th rank of point guards in the national rank of basketball ranking website and he was at the national overall 89th rank in the ratings of He was also named an All-American by Parade. Morris was recruited by a bunch of colleges before finally committing to Iowa State University.

Monte Morris Background Check

College Career:

Morris began his sophomore season on the bench but worked his way into the starting five in games and staying there until the end of college. In February if 2016, he was among 10 players nominated for the Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year Award. That same year, he was also put on the watchlist for the Naismith Trophy.

Later that year, Morris got named to the All-American team, pre-season, by the Associated Press. His stats during his college years were ridiculously impressive and contained many career highs. The overall stats are as follow:

  • Games played (GP) - 140
  • Games started (GS) - 121
  • Minutes per game (MPG)- 33.8
  • Field goal percentage (FG%) - 0.476
  • 3-point field goal percentage (3P%) - 0.381
  • Free throw percentage (FT%) - 0.780
  • Rebounds per game (RPG) - 3.7
  • Assists per game (APG) - 5.5
  • Steals per game (SPG) - 1.6
  • Blocks per game (BPG) - 0.3
  • Points per game (PPG) - 12.2

His statistic career highs during his years in college are as follows:

  • Games played (GP) - 36 (First year)
  • Games started (GS) - 35 (Third and final year)
  • Minutes per game (MPG) - 38.0 (Third year)
  • Field goal percentage (FG%) - 0.507 (Second year)
  • 3-point field goal percentage (3P%) - 0.406 (First year)
  • Free throw percentage (FT%) - 0.847 (First year)
  • Rebounds per game (RPG) - 4.8 (Final year)
  • Assists per game (APG) - 6.9 (Third year)
  • Steals per game (SPG) - 1.9 (Second year)
  • Blocks per game (BPG) - 0.4 (Second year)
  • Points per game (PPG) - 16.4 (Final year)

Professional Career:

In 2017, Morris was selected in the 51st overall NBA draft pick overall by the Denver Nuggets. After the Summer League, he signed a complicated bipartite contract with the Denver team, which basically stated that he would be giving time both to the Denver Nuggets as well as an NBA G League team that would best suit him, which consequently turned out to be the Rio Grande Valley Vipers team of California.

Morris played his first NBA game in December of 2017, consequently making a record when he got an assist a mere three minutes into playing time. recorded an assist in three minutes of action.

Monte Morris Public Records
His overall career stats for both teams are as follows:

  • Denver Nuggets (NBA Main)
  • Games played (GP) - 85
  • Games started (GS) - 6
  • Minutes per game (MPG)- 23.5
  • Field goal percentage (FG%) - 0.494
  • 3-point field goal percentage (3P%) - 0.412
  • Free throw percentage (FT%) - 0.807
  • Rebounds per game (RPG) - 2.3
  • Assists per game (APG) - 3.6
  • Steals per game (SPG) - 0.9
  • Blocks per game (BPG) - 0
  • Points per game (PPG) - 10.1
  • Rio Grande Valley Vipers (NBA G)
  • Games played (GP) - 37
  • Games started (GS) - 35
  • Minutes per game (MPG)- 34.7
  • Field goal percentage (FG%) - 0.472
  • 3-point field goal percentage (3P%) - 0.331
  • Free throw percentage (FT%) - 0.849
  • Rebounds per game (RPG) - 4.5
  • Assists per game (APG) - 6.5
  • Steals per game (SPG) - 1.8
  • Blocks per game (BPG) - 0.1
  • Points per game (PPG) - 17.8

As can be seen from his stellar score record, one can expect many things from this young hopeful star on the rise.

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