Niki Taylor Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Niki Taylor Celebrity Life

Niki Taylor goes by the real name Nicole Renée Taylor. She was born in Fort Lauderdale in the United States of America on 5 March 1975. She is an International fashion model better recognized as CoverGirl's symbol of cosmetics.

She would be model Krissy Taylor's sister.

In 1988 Taylor's mom submitted photographs of Taylor, now 13, to various advertising companies, and Taylor ended up signing with Irene Marie Models for skilled publicity.

At just the age of 14, she debuted on the issue of the pioneering youth magazine's seminal issue, Seventeen, and then was later portrayed with a now-fledged Krissy model. The pair were then also hired with each other for the great feedback for numerous modeling projects.

Early Life

Taylor soon started to gain elevated-profile positions because of her similarity to supermodel Cindy Crawford. She managed to make her runway premiere at Paris Fashion Week in 1991—one of the four main moderately-annual events in the business — and was voted one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" by the famous People magazine.

Consequentially, Taylor formed her own business, Niki Inc., to oversee her professional life, and decided to sign with Prime Designers for professional portrayal in 1992, one of the largest actresses and models worldwide.

Taylor agreed to a two-year partnership agreement in the same year, at just the age of 16, as the latest face of cosmetics giant L'Oréal, and became the youngest model ever to win worth hundreds of thousands-dollar offer.

Niki Taylor Background Check

Taylor strengthened her worldwide popularity when she posed on the forefront of vogue, the pioneering women's magazine's 100th-anniversary feature alongside best models of the year,

Throughout that same year, at just the age of 17, she was appointed as CoverGirl's latest face, being not only the youngest brand ambassador in the brand's history but also the youngest model who went on to accept the exclusive deal with the company, subsequently helping to push her to the role of "fashion model" — a major fashion model who regularly stars on the issues of the world's most prominent women's magazines and is known internationally.


When the supermodel trend continued to grow, Taylor seemed at the center of a select community of models — known when "the supers" in the profession — who were international icons, gradually controlling both the high-fashion runways and the mainstream media.

Taylor had been featured in the Unzipped released in the year 1995 and Catwalk released next year in 1996, both design movies. She featured on the prints of an extraordinary six pioneering magazines of beauty, health, and weight loss.

Niki Taylor Public Records  
Personal Tragedies

Taylor introduced a signature apparel collection in 2000 at the demise of the fashion model period, but the company was taken off the market the at year after Taylor became seriously wounded in a car crash that left her hospitalized for a really long time and forced her to endure numerous operations and lengthy physical therapy.

In 2002 she was included in the video for the song of my country music singer Keith Urban.

Taylor formed her own business, the next year and initiated a number of projects including a cosmetics collection, a clothes store, and a charity arm.

In the year of 2008, she co-produced and hosted the reality tv series Make Me a Supermodel, who was among the good models - Tyson Beckford. Taylor was included in the show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the city of New York, which also displayed the women that exemplified design throughout the century.

She was well-known for having appeared on the cover of Vogue and Elle. She was also featured on Self magazine and Shape magazine.

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