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Nikol Vucevic Background Check, Nikol Vucevic Public Records

Nikol Vucevic Celebrity Life

Born on October 24th, 1990, Nikola Vučević is a Montenegrin and plays professional basketball for the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic. Vučević played basketball at the college level for the University of Southern California prior to participating in the NBA draft of 2011 and being picked up 16th overall in the season by the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2019, the player got his first selection in All-Star.


Early years

The player was born in Switzerland’s Morges because Borislay, his dad was also a professional basketball player who was a team member of a club situated in Lusanne nearby. Vučević was mostly brought up in Belgium because his family relocated there in 1994. At that time, his dad bagged a professional contract in Belgium. His father played for professional basketball for over two decades in countries like Belgium, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia.

Nikol Vucevic Background Check
In 1979, Borislav Vučević was also a member of a team called KK Bosna that lifted the European Champions Cup apart from playing for the national team of Yugoslavia for several times. Ljiljana Kubura, Vučević’s mom was an ethnic Serb, She also played for a club in Sarajevo and also for the women’s national team of Yugoslavia.

The family shifted to Montenegro some years after he was born. Vučević was only a 15-year-old in 2007 when he was named the Best Young Player of Montenegro. He can speak different languages like French, English, and Serbian.

Basketball Career in High School

In October 2007, the player shifted to Simi Valley in the state of California so that he could play high school level basketball in his senior year at Stoneridge Prep. Babacar Sy who was one of his father’s friends and a coach trained him. He led his team in rebounding and scoring with
12 rebounds and 18 points.

Basketball Career in College

The player played with the Trojans for 3 years at the University of Southern California.


Freshman Year

He could not play the initial 8 games of the season as there was a waiting period for him to get the confirmation of his amateur status. Vučević recorded an average of 2.7 rebounds and 2.6 points in twenty-three games in 3 starts. On 15th December 2008, he played his debut game with the University of Southern California against the team Pepperdine. He recorded 2 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 points in just 6 minutes.

Sophomore Year

On 17th November 2009, Vučević recorded 8 rebounds and 18 points in the season’s first game against UC Riverside. He had 14 rebounds and 18 points on 3rd December 2009 at Texas.

Junior Year

He was chosen by Fox Sports in the 4th Team All-America when he was a junior. He declared in March 2011 of his intention to participate in the draft of the NBA.

 Nikol Vucevic Public Records  

Professional Basketball Career

Philadelphia 76ers from 2011 to 2012

Vučević was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers on 23rd June 2011 in the NBA draft of 2011 where he was the 16th pick overall. When there was an NBA lockout in 2011, he played for Budućnost Podgorica, a Montenegrin Team.

After the lockout ended, he came back to America. Vučević signed a rookie scale contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. The player made 18 points, the season-high though his team was defeated by the Houston Rockets.

Orlando Magic from 2012 to present

The Philadelphia 76ers traded Vučević to the Orlando Magic on 10th August 2012 in a trade that involved 4 teams and involved players like Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, and Arron Afflalo.

Personal Life

He is an ethnic Serb, as well as, follows the Serbian Christian Orthodox faith.

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