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Nikola Jokic Background Check, Nikola Jokic Public Records

Nikola Jokic Celebrity Life

Nikola Jokić, who was born on 19th February 1995, is a basketball player from Serbia and he plays for NBA's Denver Nuggets. In addition to playing in the NBA, he plays for the Serbian national team as well.

He is 7 ft. tall and his position on the basketball court is the center position. In fact, Denver Nuggets picked him for the NBA draft of 2014. In 2016, he was chosen for the first team of NBA All-Rookie.

During the NBA season of 2018–19, Jokic led the team to the semifinals of the Conference Tournament. Thanks to this accomplishment, he got selected for the first team of All-NBA and All-Star teams for the first time.

There are only a few players with the most number of triple-doubles in the NBA and Jokić's name is a prominent one in the list. Jokic holds the record for scoring the quickest triple-double. Further, he was responsible for winning a silver medal for Serbia in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

 The professional career of Jokic

Jokic showed his domination in the sport even when began at the professional level during the period between 2012 and 2015. He initially played for Vojvodina Srbijagas and his skills on the court were noticed by bigger teams. He then signed a deal for playing for Mega Vizura.

He was just 17 when he played 5 Serbian League games in which his average scores were 2 rebounds and 1.8 points. He could record these scores in just 10.2 minutes. During the season of 2013–14 and in the Over-25 games of Adriatic League, his average scores were 2.5 assists, 6.4 rebounds, and 11.4 points a game.

The 2014–15 season saw Jokic being chosen for the NBA draft and as a team leader. Even in the first round and in the first match he played in Adriatic League, his skills came to the limelight because he could lead his team to a win against MZT Skopje.

His scores were 15 rebounds and 27 points. So, he was the MVP in Round 1. In a match played on the 3rd of November, he scored 12 rebounds, 8 assists, and 17 points in a winning match against Zadar.

Nikola Jokic Background Check
Therefore, he became the MVP in Round 6 as well. His fantastic scores in another match resulted in his being chosen as the MVP yet again. In a match played on 21st March, he led his team to a win over Igokea. This got him the MVP selection in Round 26.

In the 24 games he played during the season, his average scores were 9.3 rebounds, 15.4 points, and 3.5 assists a game. He was named the Top Prospect for ABA League's 2014–15 season. Since his team, Partizan Belgrade got eliminated in the Serbian League semifinals, he decided to part ways with them to pursue his NBA dreams.

The stint of Jokic with Denver Nuggets

Jokic has been representing Denver Nuggets ever since 2015 when he was chosen as the overall 41st pick for the NBA draft of 2014. In a match played on 18th November 2015, he scored 12 rebounds and 23 points and so, the match turned out to be the best game of the season for him.

In another match played on 10th January 2016, he scored nine assists, that was a career-high for him. He recorded yet another career-high score in another match played on 8th April against Spurs of San Antonio. At the end of the season, he was third in voting for the year's award for NBA Rookie. He was chosen for the First Team of NBA All-Rookie as well.

The 2016–17 season also saw Jokic recording career-high scores. Though he was placed on the bench, he averaged season-high scores of 11 rebounds and 27 points in a match played on 12th December against Dallas Mavericks.

He scored a triple-double in a match against Minnesota Timberwolves. He kept surpassing his averages in subsequent matches as well. In a match played against Milwaukee Bucks on 3rd February 2017, he recorded a triple-double again.


Even in the subsequent games, he kept recording very high scores. His second triple-double came about in a match played against the Warriors of Golden State. He achieved his third triple-double in a match he played on 28th February 2017 against Chicago Bulls.

The fourth and fifth ones also happened soon in matches that were played against Milwaukee Bucks and Clippers of Los Angeles respectively. The sixth triple-double did not take much time and it happened in a match he played on 31st March 2017 against Charlotte Hornets. The season ended with he finishing second in the voting for NBA's award for the top improved player.

Nikola Jokic Public Records  
The 2017–18 season also saw him playing a number of winning matches. He received the Week's Player honor as well. After this, Jokić had to be absent for a few matches, thanks to a sprain in his left ankle. After returning from the injury, he scored his season's first triple-double in a match played against Warriors of Golden State.

He recorded his second and third triple-double in matches played against Milwaukee Bucks and Spurs of San Antonio. The second triple-double was the quickest in the history of the NBA. He went on to record triple-doubles with his career's eighth one coming about in a match against Detroit Pistons. His playing skills helped him secure his career's 16th triple-double.

On the 9th of July 2018, Jokić entered into a 5-year contract with Nuggets. His feats on the court helped the team win matches against Phoenix Suns and other teams. He earned the Week's Player honor of the Western Conference. His efforts on the court during 2018 got him the recognition of the Year's Serbian Player conferred by Serbia's Basketball Federation.

He recorded 12 triple-doubles during the season. In a match played on 27th January, he had to face suspension thanks to a fracas with Jazz. But on 31st January 31, Jokic was chosen for the All-Star team of the 2019 NBA.

The 2019–20 season of Jokic began with his recording career-high scores in a match played against Hawks of Atlanta.

Jokic's career with the national team of Serbia

Jokić played for the U-19 team of Serbia and helped his country bag silver medal in the 2013 World Championship for Under-19. He played for Serbia in the qualifying tournament for the FIBA of 2016. In the Summer Olympics of 2016, he helped his country lift the Silver.

The personal life of Jokic

Jokić's brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja, are friends of Darko Milicic, an NBA player. Nemanja played basketball for his college team when he was with Detroit Mercy University.

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