Odell Beckham Jr. Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Odell Beckham Jr. Background Check, Odell Beckham Jr. Public Records

Odell Beckham Jr. Celebrity Life

“Take advantage of every opportunity life gives you,” so said the famous athlete Odell Beckham Jr., popularly known as OBJ, an US football wide receiver for the coveted Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL).

Since Beckham entered the NFL, he has been acclaimed as one of the most popular and productive players. As of 2020, the net worth of Odell Beckham Jr is around $25 million dollars.


Odell Beckham was crystal clear from the very beginning about his goal in life, and he had worked hard ever since his high school years to achieve that goal, pioneering to cover 1,000 receiving yards in a single season.

Early Life

Born in 1992, Beckham hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has played college football at Louisiana State University from 2011-2013.

In 2011, Beckham also played for the US Army All-American Pro-Bowl game.

Odell Beckham Jr. Background Check
As a junior, he not only caught 45 passes for 743 yards and 10 touchdowns but also added three more scores on the ground.

As a senior, he registered 50 catches for 1,010 yards and 19 touchdowns, rubbing shoulders with Cooper Manning as the only two sportspersons in school history to record 1,000 receiving yards in a season.

Furthermore, statistics have it that he passed for 90 yards, rushed for 331 yards and six touchdowns, and averaged 30.0 yards per punt return.

In basketball, Beckham was a luminary in his early years, and he got selected as an all-district player during his junior and senior years.

Beckham also grew up playing soccer and considers English legend David Beckham his childhood idol.

 Career Highlights

Odell Beckham Jr has appeared in three Pro Bowls from 2014-16 and has earned second-team All-Pro honors consecutively from 2015-16.

Besides claiming the right to a long list of accolades, Odell Beckham Jr is credited to be the sole player in the Super Bowl domain with more than 1,000 receiving yards in 12 games or less for two consecutive seasons between 2014 and 2018.

He has also recorded 13 games from 2014-16 with 125 or more receiving yards, the highest figure that any player has accumulated in his first three seasons in the history of NFL.


In his short tenure with the NFL, Beckham has managed to garner two Rookie of the Year Awards (namely, Pro Football NFL Writers and Associated Press) and has been one of the youngest players to grace the cover of Madden.

Beckham Jr also reached 100 Career touchdowns in only 14 games and has already set more than 30 NFL records.

Odell Beckham Jr. Public Records


One of the reasons why Odell attracts a lot of attention from his fans is that he brings even more style off-the-field than otherwise: for example, designer clothes or even a classic outfit that dwells on nostalgia. He has a charisma that many strive to imbibe.

His signature, bleach blonde hairstyle has also been something that’s been replicated by plenty of young fans.

To conclude, Odell Beckham Jr. once said: “Realize your purpose in life. Then you’ll realize your place in society.”

In other words, everything on this planet has a fore-ordained objective: just as the bees, for instance, pollinate flowers, so do human beings have a role to play in society through the realization of their purpose in life.

Odell Beckham Jr. realized his dream of being a professional athlete and has worked hard to achieve the success that he has achieved.

Now that he is a member of the NFL, his role in society, he believes, will be to become a role model and an inspiration to the next generation of players and athletes in particular, and humanity in general.

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