Orlando Franklin Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Orlando Franklin Celebrity Life

Orlando Franklin is a 32-year-old retired NFL (National Football League) player who was initially drafted in 2011 by the Denver Broncos.

The Jamaican-born offensive lineman also played for San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Redskins in his 7-year career as a professional NFL player. He stepped down from his position on May 5, 2018, citing health and family as the reason for early retirement.


Early Life

Born on December 16, 1987, in Kingston, Jamaica, Franklin moved to Canada at the age of three and was raised by his mother. He had a rough childhood growing up in the suburbs of Toronto.

Moving from shelter homes to group homes, the future NFL star even went to youth prison twice at the age of 12 and 15 before moving to the US with his mother and older brother.

They shifted to Delray Beach, Florida, where Franklin started playing high school football at Atlantic Community High School.

Orlando Franklin Background Check
Fresh out of high school, Franklin received several offers from reputed universities such as Florida State, Ohio State, Miami, etc. He received a degree in Psychology at the University of Miami.

During his time as a college football player with Miami Hurricanes, Franklin started 39 out of 51 games as both an offensive guard and tackle.

In 2014, he established the Orlando Franklin Foundation that is aimed towards helping at-risk youths and their transition into adulthood.


A star at the Miami Hurricanes, Orlando Franklin started his professional career in 2011, when he was signed by the Denver Broncos in the second-round pick, 46th overall, in exchange for Brandon Marshall.

In his 4-year career with the Broncos, Franklin started most of the games and even helped them reach the Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos lost the championship to Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

 During his 4 seasons with the Broncos, Franklin even switched positions. He started as a right tackle for the first three years and was a left guard in his last year.

The Broncos star then went on to sign a 5-year deal for $36.5 million with the San Diego Chargers, including $16.5 million in guaranteed money.

Although a bit disappointed about not receiving an offer from the Broncos, he was satisfied with the Chargers and being reunited with his former offensive coordinator, coach Mike McCoy.

Orlando Franklin Public Records

He missed six games in 2015 due to an injury, and even though he started all games in later seasons, his performance was mediocre. He was released by the Chargers on May 15, 2017, finishing only 2 of his 5-year contract.

He was signed by the New Orleans Saints in July 2017 but released just 5 days later. The 6’6” was signed and released twice by the Washington Redskins in 2017 and 2018 respectively after being released by the New Orleans Saints.

Awards & Achievements

Overcoming his traumatic past is perhaps the biggest achievement of the Broncos star Orlando Franklin. At the age of 15, he spent nearly two months in prison for robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle, and by the age of 27, he was one of the highest-paid NFL guards.

In his 7-season career as a professional NFL player, Orlando helped his team (Denver Broncos) reach the Super Bowl XLVIII and played the championship final against Seattle Seahawks.

Even though the Broncos lost to the underdogs by a considerable margin, it was nothing short of a dream come true for Franklin.

The offensive lineman impressively started 89 out of the 90 games he played during his career in the NFL.

Due to several injuries and lack of quality time with the family, Franklin decided to call it quits in May 2018. He currently lives in Denver with his family.

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