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by Kelly G.

Paul Waner Background Check, Paul Waner Public Records

 Paul Waner Celebrity Life

Paul Glee Waner was a professional player of baseball from America. He played at the position of right fielder and is also well known for playing in MLB for 4 different teams in between 1926 and 1945. The first fifteen series of Waner was with the team of Pittsburgh Pirates. He got the nickname of Big Poison. He was the greatest of the outfielder of the Pirates until his retirement. In his second season, he won the award for Most Valuable Player in 1927.


In that very year, Waner collected a team record of 237 total hits. He even set the record of a team for doubles in one season three times which also includes the season of 1932 when Paul set the record for doubles in one season with hits of 62. He won 3 NL titles of batting, led NL twice in hits and also collected more than two-hundred hits in consecutive 8 seasons from the year 1926 to 1934.

Paul Waner Background Check

On the 19th of June 1942, Paul became the 7th member of the club of 3000 hits. He even led NL for 4 times in putouts and also holds a career record for maximum putouts made by any right fielder. He holds a career record of .333 hits and is also known for his capability of hitting even while being high. He got selected for NB Hall of Fame in the year 1952.

After his brother Lloyd Waner also got selected for the Hall of Fame, they came to be known as the 2nd pair of brothers who got selected for Hall of Fame right after the brother pair of George Wright and Harry Wright. The brothers also hold the record for making most hits by two brothers which is a total of 5611 hits.

Early life

Paul was born on 13th April 1926 in Harrah of Oklahoma Territory. His father was Ora Waner and his mother was Etta Waner. He was the 3rd child among 4 of his siblings. When Paul was born, his middle name was John which was changed at the age of 6 after one of his uncle Glee gifted him a shotgun. Paul started playing at the East Central University located in Ada where he had a record of 23-4 along with a run average of 1.70 in the year 1922. He wished to play professional baseball and so he got signed with a team in Joplin.

Paul Waner Public Records  

Professional career

Waner was purchased by Pittsburgh Pirates in the year 1925. He was successful in collecting his very first league hit in the year 1926 against Cincinnati Reds. He ended the first season with an average in the batting of .336. He hit an average of .370 and also led NL in double in the year 1928.

He played a total of 154 games and set up the record of NL in doubles in one season with a record of 62. In the year 1934, Waner won his 2nd batting title of NL after hitting an average of .362. He even finished in the second position in the voting of MVP and also got selected for All-Star.

Later life

Paul led NL in batting on consecutive 3 occasions and also collected a total of 3000 hits in his complete career of 20 years in baseball. In total, he hit 605 doubles. Right after his retirement, he tried to keep himself active by hunting, fishing and also acted as the part-time coach for Braves, Cardinals, and Phillies. Paul died on the 29th of August 1965 in Florida right after he faced a respiratory tract arrest resulting from emphysema. He died at the age of 62.

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