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by Eric C.

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Pie Traynor Celebrity Life

Harold Joseph "Pie" Traynor was a former American baseball professional. He was also a radio broadcaster, scout, player, and manager. He was born on November 11th, 1898 and passed away on March 16th, 1972. He spent his entire playing career in the MLB with the Pittsburgh Pirates, playing as the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame of Baseball in 1948.

He was hailed as one of the greatest third basemen of the game after the second world war.


Playing career

Traynor started his professional career in baseball during the 1920 season playing as a shortstop with the Portsmouth Truckers from the Virginia League. Traynor’s major league debut came against the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was 21 years of age. He played in 17 matches in that season. He played in 10 games for the team the following year but played for the Birmingham Barons for the larger part of the season. He registered a batting average of .336 out of the 131 matches he played with the Barons.

Pie Traynor Background Check

Traynor established himself as the main third baseman of the Pirates and hit a batting average of .282.

He started playing with a heavier bat since 1923 and became a revered hitter of the National League. He made more than .300 for the first time along with 101 RBIs and 12 home runs. He received help from Rabbit Maranville and improved his defense significantly and topped the National League in assist and putout count.

During the 1925 season, Traynor made an average batting score of .320 along with 106 RBI and 6 home runs. He completed the season with 8th rank in MVP voting. He made 41 double plays in 1925 which was a National League record for 25 years.


The Pirates succeeded in winning the pennant during 1927 as Traynor hit .342 along with 106 RBIs, 5 home runs. However, they were defeated by the New York Yankees for the World Series title in 1927. The Baseball Writers' Association members picked him for the third baseman position in the All-Star team of 1927 major league.

He registered .337 and made a career-best of 124 RBIs in 1928 although he struck just 3 home runs and came in at 6th position for the MVP voting of the National League.

When a different baseball started to be used in 1931, his batting average fell to .298. Despite his loss in batting average, he supported the new ball’s usage. During the first match of MLB’s All-Star, Traynor was picked as a reserve player.

 Pie Traynor Public Records
His final season came in 1934 as he hit more than .300 for the 9th season out of ten. He was also included as the third baseman in the starting line up of the All-Star team in 1934. He injured his throwing arm when he was playing at home and his team’s defense became weaker due to this. His last match was on August 14th, 1937.

Playing Career statistics

During the 17 year career, he featured in 1941 matches and made 2,416 hits along with 7,559 at-bats. The overall batting average was .320 and home runs made added up to 58 with 1,273 RBI. During the time of his retirement, he had a fielding percentage of .946. His highest home run campaign of 12 hits came in 1923. He made more than .300 on 10 seasons and made above 100 RBIs on seven seasons.

He made 2,289 putouts in his career which is the fifth-best of all third basemen. He also played 1,863 matches at the third base which became a record till 1960.

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