Rachel Hunter Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Rachel Hunter Background Check, Rachel Hunter Public Records

Rachel Hunter Celebrity Life

There are certain professions that know no boundaries. Modeling and acting professions belong to this category. We have seen models, actors, and actresses who belong to far-flung regions shining in their professions.

Rachel Hunter, a model, an actress, and a celebrity who hosts shows, from New Zealand, is a classic example of this group. Let us know more about her.


Rachel Hunter was born on 8th September 1969. Apart from pursuing her modeling and acting professions, she hosts a show called Beauty Tour on Imagination Television.

She has been featured on the covers of several fashion magazines that include Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone.

In fact, Sports Illustrated put up her picture on its Swimsuit Issue cover twice, once in 1994 and again, in 2006.

The Early Life of Hunter

Hunter's birthplace was Glenfield, an Auckland suburb. Her parents separated legally even when she was just a child. As a kid, she aspired to pursue ballet dancing.

But since she suffered from a blood disease of a rare type, she could not continue pursuing her dancing aspirations.

Rachel Hunter Background Check
The Modeling Career of Hunter

Hunter's tryst with modeling began when she was just 16. She did modeling in France, New Zealand, and Australia. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Australian Vogue, Australian Cosmopolitan, and Harper's Bazaar, and on the advertising campaigns of various brands all over Australia and New Zealand.

Tip-Top Ice Cream made her its face and "Trumpet Girl" in New Zealand. Her growth was so rapid that Ford Models signed her up.

She entered into a contract with the cosmetic brand Cover Girl and remained the brand's spokesperson for some years.

Hunter shot into fame all over the world after she posed as a swimsuit model in the 1989- Sports Illustrated.

She along with Kathy Ireland and Elle MacPherson, both supermodels, appeared on the covers of magazines that included the annual "Dream Team" 1994-issue of swimsuit of Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan.

 In 2006, she appeared solo on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Hunter appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar of The Netherlands, Australian Vogue, and international and American editions of Elle. Hunter also posed nude and this was for the cover of Playboy of April 2004.

She signed contracts with New York's Ford Models, London's Select Management of Models, and Sydney's Chadwick Models.

Hunter's Acting Career

It was in 1985 Hunter made her first television appearance and it was for an advertisement of an ice cream brand of New Zealand that wanted to promote its "Trumpet" ice-cream.

Hunter starred as a guest on an episode of a show that was aired in 1997. She has acted in many independent films as well that include a 1999-movie and a 2000-movie.

Her character in La Cucina, an indie film that got several awards, was that of a cook who was a lesbian.

Rachel Hunter Public Records  
She made a brief appearance in the 2006-Benchwarmers and her role was that of a sexy-looking mother. She played the character of a bikini-clad mother in the 2003-music video entitled "Stacy's Mom.

Hunter's appearance in a celebrity episode of 2005's Lingo, along with Trista Rehn, fetched US$30,000 and the money was donated for charity.

Hunter is also the ambassador for a foundation called The Born-Free. She herself established a fund called Lowland Gorilla. She appeared in several other shows and films during the years 2004, 2008, 2011, and 2012.

During the years 2012 and 2013, she judged the Got Talent show in New Zealand. In 2015, she began her own series for TV One.

The show was called "Beauty Tour" for which she traveled all parts of the world for discovering how beauty was viewed and understood in different countries.

The Personal Life of Rachel Hunter

The late 1980s saw Hunter living with Kip Winger, a rock musician. But she left him to date Rod Stewart, whom she married in 1990.

She was 21 then. They had two children but after being husband and wife for nine years, they divorced in 2006.

It is said that Hunter had a one-year relationship with Sean Avery, a player of Ice Hockey of Canadian NHL. In 2006, another relationship began and this time, it was with Jarrel Stoll, an NHL player of Canada.

This relationship lasted for 3 years. Stoll and Hunter were due to get married in August 2009 but the function was canceled by Stoll himself seven weeks before the wedding day.

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