Randy Couture Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Randy Couture Background Check, Randy Couture Public Records

Randy Couture Celebrity Life

If one could be called a multi-tasked personality then the title duly goes to Randy Duane Couture. This fifty-six-year-old American Actor has also worked as a former US Army Sergeant and as a mixed martial artist.

He also holds the title of being a three-time UFC Heavyweight Champion and two times UFC Light Weight Champion and the most coveted UFC 13 Heavyweight tournament title winner. Couture holds the pride of being the first of the seven fighters to win two UFC championships. He also wished to play at the Olympic Games during his career.

Couture is popularly referred to as The Natural Captain America. He has been pretty much active in the MMA field during 1997-2006 and 2007 till 2011.


Childhood and Early Career

Randy Couture is an American born hero. His parents are Sharan Amelia and Edward Lewis Couture. He was born in Washington and did his early schooling in Alderwood Middle School.

His Wrestling urge began in high school where he won a State Championship with very little training. He then moved to work for the US Army where-in he was a Sergeant in 101st Airborne.

During his stint in the US Army, he trained a lot of enthusiastic youngsters to wrestle and learn self-defense. Randy wished to participate in the Greco-Roman tryouts but his wish remained a wish.

Randy Couture Background Check


Randy was chosen as a three-time Olympic team alternate player in the years 1988, 1992 and 1996. He also won semifinals during Olympic trials. He has the record for winning three times the NCAA division at Oklahoma State University. He has also been declared as the first runner up after Mark Kerr in the division one 190 pounds section.

MMA career

Randy Couture has an MMA career that is worth praising. He has won several accolades during the years 1991 to 2006 and then again from 2007 till 2011


Randy is an actor too by profession. He appeared in the season finale of the CBS show named the UNIT. He also worked in a feature film named Red belt. He worked in the history channel in a show named Human weapon in 2007.

He also appeared in the Scorpion King 2 movie, the Expendables and he competed in the celebrity dance show Dancing with Stars in 2014. He also appeared in Impractical jokers as a guest in one episode.


Personal life

Randy was married once to Sharon, Trica, and Kim. He filed for divorce from Kim in 2009. He is the proud father of three beautiful children. He still coaches Kim in her games.

He and model Mindy Robinson are called partners for a long time. However, he tries to keep his personal life and professional celebrity life separate to a great extent

Net worth

With so many careers and titles under his belt, Randy has a net worth of millions. He has devised several plans to improve the MMA in United States and he as honestly worked towards the betterment of players and the condition of training. He is a great human being and does not like anyone talking behind his back about his personal life or career choices.

Randy Couture Public Records  

Randy has been inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame in the year 2012 by sports legend Robert M Goldman. Randy has contributed endless to the field of wrestling and mixed martial arts.

He has suggested medical insurance for MMA players and has also put a word across the society to increase the compensation of athletes and sportspeople. He currently is living in Las Vegas after his retirement. He enjoys hunting but after the ban on hunting and poaching, he has refrained from participating in such sports.

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