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Reggie Jackson Celebrity Life

Reginald Martinez Jackson or Reggie Jackson is a former American baseball professional. He used to play as a right fielder and featured in the MLB for 12 seasons. He played for the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, California Angels, New York Yankees, and Kansas City. He became a part of the Hall of Fame for Baseball in 1993.

He had a famous nickname, "Mr. October" due to his reputation in the postseason for the Yankees and the Athletics. He led the Oakland to five successive West divisional pennants of the American League, three successive World Series successes, and three successive American League pennants between 1972 and 1974.


Jackson also guided the New York team to 4 titles of East divisional pennants in the American League, 2 continuos World Series successes, and three pennants in the American League starting in 1977 and till 1981. Furthermore, he led the California Angels to 2 West divisional pennants of the American League between 1982 and 1986.

Reggie Jackson Background Check

He struck three back-to-back home runs playing at the Yankee Stadium and succeeded in the 6th game of the World Series in 1977.

Jackson has a total of 563 home runs in his career. He was also honored with a selection to the All-Star team from the American League on 14 occasions.

He was awarded the Silver Slugger two times, the MVP of 1973, MVP of the World Series twice, and the Babe Ruth accolade of 1977. Both Athletics and the Yankees retired his jersey in 2004 and 1993 respectively. He is a special advisor of the Yankees at the moment. He guided his teams to the top position on ten occasions over his career that spanned 21 years.



Jackson featured in 21 seasons in the MLB and played in the post-season 11 times. Out of these, he succeeded in winning 5 World Series and 6 pennants. He was a winner of the MVP awards for both the World Series and the regular-season in 1973. He struck a total of 563 home runs which was 6th in the all-time list when he retired. He kept a slugging percentage of .490 for his career.

He was an all-star on 14 occasions. Besides, he was considered as a leader of the strikeout count posting 2597. He had 13 counts more strikeouts compared to hits. Further, he finished second in the number of Golden sombreros which is a feat with a minimum of four strikeouts per game with 23. He was a leader in this till 2014.

Jackson became the first major league player ever to hit over 100 home runs for three distinct teams. He made over 100 home runs for the Angels, Yankees, and Athletics. He also happens to be the only member of the 500 home run club with no successive seasons of 30 home runs or more.

Reggie Jackson Public Records

MLB career

Kansas City / Oakland Athletics

Jackson made his major league debut with the A's during 1967 as they defeated the Cleveland Indians at Municipal Stadium.

Jackson guided the team to a pennant in 1973 and became the MVP of the American League. They beat the New York Mets after seven matches. He was very important in the finals that he was picked the MVP of the World Series. The Athletics succeeded in the World Series the following year after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in five matches.

Jackson was included in the Hall of Fame and he picked a New York Yankees Cap to keep in his plaque. He became one of the eight players to have their jerseys retired by more than a single major league team.

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