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 Richie Ashburn Celebrity Life

Born on 19th March 1927, Richard or Richie Ashburn is referred to as "Putt-Putt" and "Whitey", which are his nicknames. He got the nickname Whitey because of his light blond hair. He passed away on 9th September 1997. Ashburn was a center fielder in MLB or Major League Baseball in the United States of America. Born in Nebraska's Tilden, he spent his early years on a farm.

The player became a professional outfielder eventually and was also a broadcaster for the team Philadephia Phillies. He was also one of the most adored sports figures in the history of Philadelphia. In 1995, Ashburn's name was included in the 1995 National Basketball Hall of Fame.


Richie Ashburn's playing career

Ashburn is considered as one of the National League Champion's most famous "Whiz Kids" of the 1950 Phillies. The former player's 12 out of fifteen MLB seasons were spent as the center fielder of the Phillies from 1948 to 19959. His lifetime batting average of 308 a d led the National League twice. The player led the league regularly in terms of fielding percentage. In the regular season's last game in 1950, Ashburn threw out Cal Abrams, Dodger's runner at home plate and had a tie with a score of 1-1. In the next year, the former player demonstrated his fielding ability on the national level at Tiger Stadium in the All-Star Game in Detroit.

In a game that took place on 17th August 1957, he had hit a foul ball towards the standards that injured Earl Roth's wife Alice Roth who was a spectator of the game. Earl was the sports editor of Philadelphia Bulletin. The incident broke Alice's nose. When the play resumed again, he hit another foul ball, which struck Alice once again when she was on a stretcher. Despite the mishap, Mrs. Roth and Ashborn were friends for several years.

Richie Ashburn Background Check

After the season of 1959, the player was traded to the team Chicago Cubs for 3 players. The New York Mets purchased Ashburn for the season of 1962 and had the distinction of becoming the 1st batter in the history of the franchise.


All through his playing career, the player stayed in Tilden, his hometown during the offseason. Ashburn officiated basketball games at the high school throughout Nebraska for staying in proper playing condition. While Ashburn was a well-revered official, he took retirement from officiating after retiring from baseball.

Post baseball career

In 1963, he became a TV and radio color commentator for the Phillies, the player's original big-league team. Initially, Ashburn worked with Bynum Saam and Bill Campbell, long-time announcers of Phillies. The Phillies released him in 1971 while Harry Kalas became a part of the team. He worked closely with Kalas and Saam, bothFork C Frick Award winners of the future some years. Saam took retirement in 1976 while Ashburn worked with Kalas for the following 20 years becoming the best of the friends as a result.

Richie Ashburn also wrote for The Philadelphia Bulletin on a regular basis and also for The Philadelphia Daily News later on. His mother shared that Ashburn had plans for taking retirement from broadcasting by the end of the season of 1997. Ashburn passed away in 1997 after suffering from a heart attack in New York City.

He had just finished broadcasting a game between the Phillies and the Mets at Shea Stadium. His fans and followers paid respect to him in large numbers and passed by Ashburn's coffin in Memorial Hall, which is located in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. The former player's body is placed on the Gladwyne Methodist Church Cemetry. The Cemetery is located in Montogomery County in the state of Pennsylvania.

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