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Riley Cooper Celebrity Life

Early Life and Short Biography

American footballer, playing in the position of wide receiver, Riley Cooper, was born in 1987. He is retired from professional football now but used to play for the Eagles, a Philadelphia team, under the helm of the NFL.

He was born in Oklahoma City in the American state of Oklahoma, to parents Larry and Monica Cooper.

 He attended a Catholic school where he grew up in Clearwater in the state of Florida. He was good at high school football and baseball and played both for his high school teams.

As a senior, he was made the captain of the football team and played as a wide receiver as well as at safety positions.

In 2006, he has rated as one of the ten best athletes in high school by authorities as well as accolades from the state.

In 2006, the national baseball team of Philadelphia was willing to sign him on to the team, but Cooper refused, choosing to attend college instead.

Riley Cooper Background Check

College Football

After rejecting the offer of professional baseball from Philadelphia, Cooper decided to attend the university in Florida to play football and further his career with the goal of being drafted for a national football career.

It was his dream since he was a boy. His sister, younger than him, also attended the same college in which she played soccer on the women's team.

Her name is Lindsey and she is currently married to a former same-college linebacker, and now NFL player who plays for the Saints team of the state of New Orleans.

Cooper went to attend college in Gainesville in the state of Florida. There, under the proficient training of his coach, he played college football from the years 2006 to 2009. In his freshman year, he was in the position of "gunner" for specific teams.

He played in 13 games out of a total of 14 played. He cemented his football game with three receptions which were all touchdowns.

In his first game with the main team, he ran for 92 yards and had 4 receptions (with 3 of those leading to touchdowns).

 In his sophomore year, he was included to play in 10 games and started two of them. He then broke his finger and had to miss some games.

The team played in a bowl game against Michigan and lost. Nonetheless, for Cooper, he saw a high in his career, catching four times with 122 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In the junior season, Cooper played in fourteen games and started twelve. He led his college team to win in a championship game, making a critical touchdown, receiving for 51 yards.

In another championship game, Cooper made a 21-yard total with two receptions. He caught a critical 17-yard catch, accumulating a total of 261 yards with 18 receptions.

Three of these were actually touchdowns. Cooper, in his senior season of college, made 961 yards in all, with 51 receptions.

He made 9 glorious touchdowns and averaged 18.8 yards for each ball caught. He played college-level baseball at Florida too, and got offers to be drafted professionally, but selected football.

 Riley Cooper Public Records
Professional Football

In 2010, in the draft of the NFL, Cooper was chosen to play in the wide receiver position for the Eagles, a Philadelphia professional football squad.

In his first season of play with the team, he made 1 touchdown and totaled 7 receptions with a yardage of 116. In 2011, playing against New York, he more than doubled his yardage and made one more touchdown.

In 2012, he had a bad collarbone injury and had to sit out some games, yet by the end of the season, he had made a total of 248 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 23 receptions.

In the 2013 season of play, Cooper had his breakthrough year. He was utilized by the team for his blocking strategy to a large extent, but against Oakland, he made his own personal best career scores of achieving 3 touchdowns for 195 yards with 5 receptions. His average yardage per ball caught was 17.8 by the end of the season.

At this time, his career was briefly riddled by controversy when a video of Cooper appeared on social media. It showed him at a concert, trying to get backstage to meet the band.

When he was denied entry by bouncers, he screamed racial slurs. The Eagles made him pay a fine as punishment but retained him on the team.

In 2014, his contract was renewed. In 2015, due to a foot injury, he slacked in his overall game. In 2015, the Eagles released him from the team, and he tried to make it to another team but didn't manage to do so.

In 2017, he officially made an announcement of his retirement on Twitter.

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