Robert Franks Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Chris A.

Robert Franks Background Check, Robert Franks Public Records

Robert Franks Celebrity Life

That sports such as soccer, basketball, football, rugby, cricket, and so on are enthralling millions and millions of people all over the world is an indisputable fact. Among the players of these games, not all try and make efforts to improve their skills. While a number of players get stagnated, thanks to their attitude of not embracing the latest techniques, a few constantly strive to improve their skills in the sport they play.

Among such players, Rober Franks, a basketball player, who plays professional basketball in the USA, is unique because his approach and dedication towards the game are stronger than those of others who are at the same level as he is. Let us do a background check of this player and get more details about him.


Robert Franks was born on 18th December 1996. He spent his childhood years in Washington's Vancouver. His schooling happened in the same place. He is at present representing NBA's Charlotte Hornets. Apart from this, he is on a contract for two years for playing for NBA G's Greensboro Swarm. When he was doing his college study at Cougars of Washington State, he played for the college team as well.

Background Check Robert Franks
The Early Life of Franks and also his Career at the High-school

While growing up in Washington's Vancouver, Franks studied in the High School Evergreen. Seeing his skills in the game of basketball, the school management made him the captain of their team. He captained that team during the last three years of his schooling. His average scores when he was a junior player were 8 rebounds and 19 points a game. Thanks to such a display, The Columbian named him as a player of the All-Region and the most popular Associated Press mentioned him in the All-State Class 4A. When The Columbian and Associated Press had rated him so highly, would Seattle Times remain far behind? They also put him on the list of top 25 recruits of the state.

Franks' College Career

Franks committed himself to represent the State University of Washington during his college study, more particularly, during the senior year. His skills attracted the authorities and hence, he was named again in the All-Region list. In the seniors' category, he was mentioned in the All-State list.


Franks played for Cougars of the State of Washington for four seasons. During the first couple of years with Cougars, he was mostly not in the original five but could positively impact the game of his team though he was called to play only in the middle of the match.

The number of matches in which he made his freshman-appearance was 23 and in these matches, his average scores were 2.2 points a game. On average, he played for 8.3 minutes in these 23 matches. But during the sophomore season, he played in all the games for Cougars and his average scores were 3.3 rebounds and 6.3 points a game.

Robert Franks Public Records
Franks' dedication to the sport has always been remarkable. That he made strenuous efforts for losing more than 25 pounds during the non-playing season so that he could enter the lineup when the junior season began is a classic example that shows his dedication.

In the Pac-12 Conference, he could finish 7th with average scores of 6.6 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 17.4 points a game. This could earn him an honorable mention in the list of All-Pac-12. He was also chosen as the best among the year's improved players in Pac-12.

The season saw Franks setting an unbeatable school record of the most number of three-pointers that were made in just a single game that was played on 13th January 2018 against California. He required just 13 attempts to accomplish this feat. His scores in the match were 34 points. The score was his career-high then.

Once the season was over, Franks declared that he would go for the NBA draft of 2018 but he skipped the step of hiring an agent. Perhaps, this led to his withdrawal from the NBA draft. He ultimately decided to represent Washington State so that he could play the senior season.

In this senior season, Franks played for the state in as many as 27 games. But owing to an injury, he missed five games. His average scores during the season were 7.2 rebounds and 21.6 points a game. Thanks to such a great performance, he was named in All-Pac-12's first team. This was also the first time a WSU player was named in the team of NABC's All-District 20.

The Professional Career of Franks

Prior to the NBA Draft of 2019, Franks took part in the camp of NBA's G League. But he missed being selected. Therefore, on 3rd July 2019, he has signed a contract with Charlotte Hornets and has been playing for Greensboro Swarm, an affiliate team of Charlotte Hornets.

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