Rod Carew Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Rod Carew Background Check, Rod Carew Public Records

Rod Carew Celebrity Life

This article deals with the background details and related information about Rod Carew.

About Rod Carew

Popularly known as Rodney Cline Carew was born on October 1 in the year 1945. Carew is well known as Major League Baseball (MLB) first and second baseman. He is also recognized as the coach of Panamanian descent. Carew played his game from the Minnesota Twins and the California Angels. He was active in the game from the year 1967 to the year 1985.

He first played on April 11, 1967, for the Minnesota Twins and was last seen on October 5, 1985, for the California Angels. The baseball player was named after Doctor Rodney Cline who helped Carew's mother in her delivery on the train. Carew was born to a painter named Eric Carew, Sr. and Olga Teoma.

Carew's family migrated to the United States and started living in Manhattan, New York in his early childhood. Carew was not part of his school's baseball team. He was noticed by Monroe Katz, a scout of Minnesota Twins and made a contract with Carew. He started participating as a second base for Minnesota Twins.

Rod Carew Background Check

Awards and Achievements of Rod Carew

Carew was introduced into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame. He won recognition and fame for his baseball game. In the year 1967, Carew was awarded the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year award. He won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award later in the year 1977. In a ceremony before the baseball game before the 2016 MLB, All-Star Game in San Diego, the American League batting championship trophy was given the name as Rod Carew American League Batting Championship Award. This was done in the honor of the baseball player for hos excellent career in the sport. Later on, Rod Carew was selected as a coach for the Angels and the Milwaukee Brewers after his retirement


Personal life of Rod Carew

Carew married a Jew named Marilynn Levy who was a member of Temple Beth Shalom. There were rumors of Carew's conversion to Judaism though there was no complete evidence. Other than baseball, Carew was involved in military service. He believed his discipline in the sport of basketball was derived from his involvement in military services only. Carew had three daughters but Michelle, the eldest one died at an early age of 18. It is believed that Carew raised his children with faith in Judaism only.

 Rod Carew Public Records
Carew shifted to California in Anaheim Hills. He was still playing for Angels when he shifted and remained in California even after his retirement. Rod Carew divorced with the first wife and later he married the second wife. Carew's second wife is Rhonda with whom he married in December 2001. Carew and Rhonda have two children named Cheyenne and Devon. In Panama, a stadium is also renamed after Rod Carew. He had this habit of chewing tobacco due to which a cancerous growth emerged in his mouth which was later removed.


Rod Carew is extremely popular among his followers. His admirers appreciate him because of his excellent career in baseball. Carew was active in military services and is believed to be a hard-working individual in the field. Carew married twice until now. He spent his early childhood in Manhattan, New York but never played initially. He started playing later on and was spotted by a scout of Minnesota Twins. He played for Minnesota twins later on. He also got a heart attack during a golf match and even successfully fought cancer in his lifetime.

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