Ryan Tannehill Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Ryan Tannehill Background Check, Ryan Tannehill Public Records

Ryan Tannehill Celebrity Life

American Football is a sport that is called Football in the US and Canada. It is otherwise called gridiron. It is a team sport that is played by a couple of teams of 11 players on a rectangular playground against each other. Each end of the field will have a goalpost.

The team that holds the oval-shaped football is the offending team. The members of this team attempt to go forward in the field by passing it or by running with the ball.

On the other hand, the defending team without the ball plays with the goal of stopping the offending team members from advancing.


Positions Taken by Players:

In the football sport, the players take up different positions. Among them, QB is a position that is colloquially called Signal Caller. In general, players taking up the QB Position are members of the offensive team.

They line up straight behind the offensive line. In general, in the modern football sport, the QBs are considered the leaders of the offensive team. Ryan Tannehill is a QB in the National Football League (NFL) tournament.

Ryan Tannehill Background Check

About Ryan Tannehill:

Ryan Timothy Tannehill III was born on the 27th of July 1988. He plays as a QB for the Titans that belong to the NFL. Initially, he played for college soccer at Texas A & M.

When he was playing college football, he moved from the Wide Receiver to the starting Quarterback of the team. Even, in the NFL Draft of 2012, the Dolphins drafted him in the very first round.

After College Football and Before Tennessee Titans:

When he was in the Dolphins, Tannehill spent around 6 to 7 years as the basic beginning quarterback. For his great play, Tannehill got accredited as the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.


Early Life:

The place of birth of Tannehill is Lubbock in Texas. However, he grew up in Big Spring in the state. When he was in the Big Spring High School, he was a part of both high basketball and football.

Right from his school level, he had many passes, and he was steadily improving in his gameplay. Not just at the high school football, Ryan Tannehill also has gathered great records in college football. Here are the details about the NFL records held by this player:

NFL Records:

Ryan Tannehill holds the pride of being the QB with the utmost consecutive pass completions of 25.

Ryan Tannehill Public Records

Dolphins Franchise Records:

Ryan holds the pride of being the player with:

  1. The longest rush by any rookie quarterback of 31 yards
  2. 48 yards, which is the longest rush by any QB
  3. The most passing attempts by any rookie of 484.
  4. The most passing yards by any rookie season of 3294.
  5. The highest completion percentage with the least number of attempts of 500 – 66.4%
  6. The highest completion percentage in the career with 62.2%
  7. The most pass completion is a single season at 392 when playing for the Dolphins

Titan’s Franchise Records:

Even though he played for the Titan’s only in 2019, within this year, he has the following attractive record details with this team:

  • The highest completion percentage in the season with 70.3%
  • The most yards per pass attempt in a season at 9.59
  • Highest passer rating in a season at 117.5

These records show the excellent gaming strategies followed by Ryan in every football tournament he plays.

In short, with a QB Rank and an overall score of 84, Ryan Tannehill is ranked at 195th position in the NFL player ranking. He has many ardent football fans for his strategies. Even, many future football players follow him.

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