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Sandy Koufax Celebrity Life

Sanford "Sandy" Koufax, born on December 30, 1935, was an American left-handed pitcher. Sandy was born in Brooklyn city in New York, to a Jewish family. He was raised in Borough Park and his mother Evelyn and father Jack Braun separated and divorced when Sandy was only three years old. When Sandy was nine, Evelyn, his mother married Irving Koufax. After her marriage, the family relocated to Long Island, but before the tenth grade, the family again moved to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.


During his twelve-year career, he played for the baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers (formerly known as Brooklyn Dodgers), where he was assigned number 32, under which no one has been playing since 1972. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame after his career ended in the year 1972, becoming the youngest former league player to be honored (36 years and 20 days).

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The glorious professional career

Koufax’s career peaked in the period from 1961 to 1966, when he fully played six consecutive seasons. In 1966, at the age of only 30, he was forced to quit his professional career due to arthritis of the elbow joint, which deprived him of the opportunity to play. Koufax was named the league's most valuable player in 1963. In the year 1963,1965 and 1966, he was awarded the Sai Yang prize, becoming the first three-time winner of the award in the history of baseball. In each of the seasons for which Koufax received an award, he also won the triple crown of the pitcher of the national league, showing the best results in victories, strikeouts, and ERA.

Koufax became the first member of the main league to play four games without hits (including the eighth “perfect game” in history, in which the pitcher wins without losing a single opponent to the base). Despite a relatively short career, Koufax has a strikeouts record of 2,396, putting him on the seventh line and second on the list of left-handed pitchers after Warren Span (2,583).

Koufax is considered one of the prominent Jewish athletes. During the 1956 world series, the first game stood out on Yom Kippur - the most important of the holidays in Judaism, and Koufax refused to enter the field. The incident was exposed to public attention as an example of a conflict between social pressure and personal beliefs.


Post playing career

In the year 1967, Sandy entered a ten-year contract for 1 million (equal to 7.5 million in the year 2018) with NBC to be a broadcaster on Saturday Game of the Week. However, he left the show after 6 years.

Koufax starred in television films from 1959 to 1962. In 1959, he starred in the role of Ben Cassidy in the episode "Too Smart to Live" of the Western Shotgun Slade. In 1960, he played the role of Johnny in one episode of the ABC / Warner Brother Colt .45 series. He also played a minor role in two more ABC / WB series - 77 Sunset Strip and Bourbon Street Beat.

Background Check Sandy Koufax
In 1963, Koufax, along with several other Dodgers, starred in an episode of Mr. Ed.

In 1962, Koufax played himself in an episode of the Dennis the Menace CBS series Dennis and the Dodger. He also played himself in Michael Shane’s NBC detective series, Strike Out.

Personal Life

Sandy married Anne Widmark in the year 1969. She is the daughter of famous movie star Richard Widmark/ However, the marriage fell apart in the year 1982. In 1985, he married Kimberly Francis, but this marriage also broke up in the year 1998. The current wife of Sandy is Jane Purucker Clarke. Sandy has no biological children.

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