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Sean Smith Celebrity Life

Early Life

Sean Smith, born in the year 1987 is an American football player and the son of Barbara Smith. He went to Blair High School in California where Smith excelled in playing football, basketball and ran track events too.

His versatility in the game and playing style gained him the All-Conference, All-State, and All-American honors in the game of football.
Sean Smith was incepted as a redshirt in the year 2005 and had a blasting college football career since 2006 as a redshirt freshman.

Though he started as a wide receiver he moved on to cornerback position continuing to play in this position even during the 2007 season. He started ten games for the Utes during 2007 and made the season a memorable one for himself.

With four interceptions he had some best statistical figures (season-high six tackles) for a football player in the Mountain West during 2007.

Again in 2008, Smith started all games except one finishing as the First-Team All-Mountain West defensive player during the season.

Sean Smith Background Check
While his initial years at college were great, 2009 could be called his best as he outperformed himself at the Sugar Bowl taking Utah to a stunning victory.

Finally, he decided to get the big break as he planned to enter the NFL Draft for which he skipped his senior year.


Highly reputed for being the best cornerback in the nation, Sean Smith got an easy entry to the 2009 NFL Draft.

It was rather a pleasant surprise that someone with a stature as Smite (huge frame and body weight) was doing an exceedingly good job as a cornerback (this is on a comparison basis with other individuals who occupied this position).

In 2009 he was drafted into the NFL in the second round and Smith signed a 4-year contract with the Miami Dolphins entering his rookie season as a starting cornerback and ranking 34th as a cornerback at the end of the season.
Though demoted in the 2010 seasons his outstanding performance got Smith back his starting cornerback position and steered his team towards victory against the Titans as well.

Smith remained the starting cornerback through the 2011 and 2012 seasons too before being released as a free agent at the end of his contract.

Other Contracts

In 2013, Sean Smith signed a three-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs after considering many other teams that were ready to settle an offer with him.

He continued playing as a starting cornerback. Kansas City Chiefs gained a wild card entry but lost to Indianapolis Colts during the wildcard game.

But after getting into legal troubles and being arrested for a DUI charge in 2014 Smith was demoted by the coach despite which he received the highest overall grade in his career.
In 2015, Sean Smith was suspended for the first three matches soon after pleading guilty for the DUI charges imposed on him.
The suspension was in July but in November Smith was back in form recording season-high combined tackles and taking his team to unmatched victories. He even ranked 12th among all cornerbacks in the season.

Sean Smith Public Records  

In 2016 again, Smith became a free agent garnering the attention of top teams. Finally, he signed a four-year contract with the Oakland Raiders in 2016.

Though Smith continued as a starting cornerback he suffered from injuries and poor performances in the following weeks due to which the coach replaced him.

He was released in 2018 before his four-year contract with the Raiders ended. It should be mentioned here that he was released even before he pleaded guilty for felony assault.

Smith remained suspended through the remaining games of the season(2018) before he was taken off the suspension in 2019. Smith is at an overall rank of 104 in the cornerback (CB) position with an overall score of 88.

Personal Life

Sean Smith who excelled as a player on the field did not excel in his personal life off the field. He was constantly into legal troubles.

Smith was arrested in 2014 for a car accident as he was under the influence of alcohol. DUI charges were imposed and once again in 2017, he was imposed with felony charges for which he was jailed too.

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