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Shane Lechler Celebrity LIfe

Born on 7 August 1976, Shane Lechler used to be a football professional. He played under the role of Punter for a total of eighteen seasons of the NFL a.k.a National Football League.

He began his career with his first draft in the year 2000. Oakland Raiders took this Punter during the fifth round. At the time, he was playing for the Texas A & M Aggies as a college footballer.


Early Life

Shane is 6-feet and 2-inches tall and weighs approximately 109 kgs. He completed his schooling from East Bernard, which is located in Texas. Additionally, from the same states A & M college, he completed his degree.

As an athlete, Shane has always been good at four sports, namely, baseball, football, basketball, and golf.

During his school and college years, he played for three very different posts, namely, punter, placekicker, and quarterback. He became renowned in all three fields during senior levels.

In those years, he made 87 passes out of 100 with a range of 1640 yards and even made eleven touchdowns. While he was in school, he made an 85 yards punt. Besides this, during the same years, he passed almost 5000 yards.

Shane Lechler  Background Check


Shane has played for two teams, namely, Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans. He played for the former team for a total of twelve years starting from 2000.

In 2013, he joined the latter and played for them until 2017. But as mentioned earlier, his football journey began long personal, professional years.

Primarily, as a college footballer for Aggies, he showcased the versatility by playing as goal kicker for the field, punter, short field holder for goals, and quarterback for emergencies.


During his junior season against Baylor Bears, he successfully made a pass for 29 yards during the fake punt. In the same junior season, he even successfully made a touchdown pass towards Dan Campbell while they made a field goal that was fake and won their game with a score of 17 against 10 of Texas Tech. But this was just the beginning of his career.

In 2000, he played his first rookie season with Oakland Raiders who were competing with San Diego Chargers at the time. He made ten punts, which was deemed as the highest score in the season with an average of 42.4 and consequently, net yards of 424.

He even competed with the Kansas City Chief and New Orleans Saints in November 2000. Shane’s average during the year made to an average of 45.9 which includes net yards of 2984 and total punts of 65.

Shane Lechler Public Records
Next year while competing with Kansan City Chiefs, Shane scored total net yards of 185 with an average of 46.25. By and large, he made this score in September, and fifteen days later he was playing with another competing team called Miami Dolphins.

At this point, he achieved total net yards of 345 with an average of 49.29, which included seven punts. It was his highest score during the season.

A month later, while competing with Indianapolis Colts, he managed to increase the average highest score for the season to 52.4 with a total of five punts and net yards of 262. His achievements kept escalating after each season, and he achieved many awards for his efforts.


History remembers that Shane is one of the most remarkable footballers of the NFL. In his career journey, he became an All-Pro for a total of nine times.

Besides this, he also made into the Pro Bowls for a total of seven times which included continuity between 2007 and 2011, and 2007, 2004 and 2001. He was also given a Golden Toe Award in 2009. There are many more achievements listed against him.

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