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Stan Musial Celebrity Life

Stan Musial, born on the 21st of November in Donora, Pennsylvania and died on 19 of January of 2013, was a professional baseball player and member of the Hall of Fame. He was nicknamed "Stan the Man", and played 23 seasons in the major leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals, with which he won three World Series titles. In addition, he was 24 times selected for the All-Star Game, he accumulated 3,630 hits and 475 homers during his career, and was also the most valuable player three times.



He started his baseball career in minor leagues as a pitcher, a position in which he had a modest performance since in two years he achieved a 15-9 mark with the West Virginia team. By 1940, he arrived at the Daytona Beach team, where he played as an outfielder, and with which he achieved a batting average of .322.

However, he injured his shoulder in a game in which he had to stretch to catch a ball, so he could no longer return to the field that yeat. However, in the following year, he managed to score a batting average of 4,226, during a camp under the supervision of the Cardinals.

Stan Musial Background Check

Professional stage

In 1941, he debuted in the major leagues with the Cardinals and played in 12 games. In 1942, he managed to hit for .315, in addition to winning the World Series with his team. In 1943, he reached 3357, and the first of seven batting titles and the first of his awards as the most valuable player followed.

The best of his seasons' at-bat was in 1948, in which he obtained his best average (.376), and also led in the categories of slugging, hits, doubles, triples, races and pushed races, among others; and for just one home run, he couldn't conquer the triple crown. However, his third and last MVP was registered.


In the 1950s, Stan had his career’s longest hitting streak - 30 consecutive games. in 1955 he achieved 300 homers accumulated in his career, and 400 in 1959; In 1958, he reached 3,000 hits. That season (number 17 with the Cardinals) had an overwhelming start: in the first 17 games, he had an average of over 500 and with at least one hit in 17 games.

When he reached the mark of three thousand hits, an incident happened. He wanted to achieve this mark in the city of St. Louis, and therefore he was left on the bench while the team played visiting different cities.

Stan Musial Public Records
However, in a game in Chicago, on May 13, the manager decided to line him up as emergent in the sixth episode with a man in second and 3-1 disadvantage. Musial, who had 2,999 hits to his credit, fulfilled his mission by pushing the second race before a pyrrhic attendance of at least 6,000 spectators, a poor scenario for a memorable event. After the game, the team manager expressed his apologies to Stan.

Musial was characterized by being consistent in his batting, had as many hits playing local as a visitor; He rarely had long periods of drought with the bat on his shoulder, and his perseverance was manifested in the sixteen consecutive seasons hitting above 300 ( 1942 - 1958 ).


His last season was that of 1963. The following year, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him director of the National Council on Physical Fitness. He served as general manager for the Cardinals in 1967 with good results, winning the World Series against the Red Sox. To finish his career, in 1969, he was admitted to the Hall of Fame.

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