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Terrell Suggs Celebrity Life

Early Life and Background

"T - Sizzle" is the nickname of Terrell Raymonn Suggs, an American professional footballer, who is a free agent and plays in the position of the defensive end. He was born in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He stands at 6 ft 3 in and weighs in at 265 lb. He is the son of Laverne and Donald Suggs and was raised in St. Paul in Minnesota.

In his growing years, he played both football, in the center position, and baseball. After the eighth grade, he moved to Arizona.
When he was a teenager, he went to several schools. As a junior in high school, he attained a record by achieving 367 rushing yards in a single game. This was in 1999. In his senior year, he was mentioned in press releases and news media.

In basketball, Suggs won three letters and a letter in track and field sports activities. Suggs thinks of himself as part-Jewish, like his grandfather, on his father's side was Jewish.

Since 2009, he has had the Star of David tattooed on his arm - this reminds him of the stock he comes from.

 Terrell Suggs  Background Check

Suggs and Law Enforcement

Suggs has had his fair share of run-ins with law enforcement, marrying an otherwise talented and promising star.

In 2003, he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, arising out of an earlier incident of a verbal altercation between Suggs and a man at a basketball game.

Suggs apparently used a rod to attack the man. He broke the man's nose.

Nonetheless, he was acquitted in 2005, for lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In 2009, Suggs faced a slew of allegations from Candace Williams, his girlfriend.

She stated that he threw a soap dish at her, and hurt her in her chest, using his hand. He also held a bottle of bleach over her head and their 1-year old son's. She filed a lawsuit, but it was later not upheld.
Just as it seemed that things had calmed down between the couple, in 2012, he was accused, once more, by Candace Williams, for punching and dragging her beside his car while their children were seated inside the vehicle.

Suggs owned seven firearms at the time. A temporary restraining order was brought against Suggs, and he had to surrender all his weapons. The charges were dismissed.

Candace Williams married Suggs in 2012, in spite of all the trouble they had been through prior to this. The couple has two children but divorced in 2015.
College Football

Suggs chose Arizona as his college. The state college would offer him many opportunities to display his athletic skill. He was influenced by two coaches - Snyder and Koetter. He played here from 2000 to 2002.

At the end of his college career, he had completed 163 tackles. He had achieved a record of 65.5 tackles for losses.

He had sacked 44 quarterbacks, and had 14 forced fumbles, with interceptions at two and a deflection of nine passes. He won honors as the best of all defensive players.

Terrell Suggs Public Records  
Professional Football

In the draft of the NFL of the year 2003, Suggs was drafted by the Baltimore team of the Ravens. At just 20 years of age, he was the youngest defensive player to be picked in an NFL draft. After him, in 2007, Okoye was the youngest at 19.

In 2993, in his rookie year, he recorded sacks in all of his four games. When he completed that season, he had achieved 27 tackles with 19 of them solo. At only one game, he got the honor of being the best new player.

He made the pro bowl in 2004, and he gained 10.5 sacks with tackles at 60, out of which 45 were solo. In 2005, Suggs was moved from the position of an offensive linebacker to a defensive end.

He set new records for his own career, achieving 69 tackles, 49 of which were solo, and interceptions at 2. He was nominated for the pro bowl in 2006 again.

He has been a super bowl champion and has played consistently well for the Ravens. He is known for his "flashy" playing style. In 2019, he signed on with the Cardinals, an Arizona team.

He was released from the team in December of that year. Since 2019, he is with Kansas City, playing for the Chiefs, with a second super bowl to his name.

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