Tobias Harris Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Mary R.

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Tobias Harris Celebrity Life

Tobias Harris is an American basketball professional who features for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA. He played with the Tennessee Volunteers in college for a season before announcing for the NBA drafts of 2011. He was picked by the Charlotte Bobcats and was later moved to the Milwaukee Bucks. He also featured with other teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, and Orlando Magic.


College career

In his freshman year at college, he played for the Tennessee Volunteers. He featured as a point forward position. He made consistent performances and made second-team of All-America selection by USBWA. He gained a place in the All-Freshman Team of the SEC. he reached the fifth rank out of all freshmen in the 6 conferences with an average of 15.3 points per match.

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Professional career

Milwaukee Bucks (2011–2013)

Harris agreed to a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks in December 2011. He made his debut in January of 2012 versus the Los Angeles Clippers. He played in 42 matches in his rookie season and had an average of 5 points and .5 assists in the 11.4 minutes every game.

The Bucks extended their contract with Harris till 2013-14.

Orlando Magic (2013–2016)

Harris was handed to the Orlando Magic as a part of a player exchange. He improved his playtime and his statistics in Orlando. They also extended their contract with Harris till season 2014–15.

He recorded his career-best of 20 rebounds and netted 28 points during a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. He set a new career-high with 31 points during a success over the Philadelphia 76ers. He improved this personal statistic to 34 points during another victory against the Los Angeles Lakers.
Detroit Pistons (2016–2018)

In February 2016, Harris was exchanged to the Detroit Pistons in return for other players. He played his first game for the Pistons in a loss against the Washington Wizards and scored 21 points as a substitute. The Pistons finished at eighth spot an secured a playoff spot. However, they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 4-0.

In December 2016, he came on as a substitute and netted 26 points during a loss against the Golden State Warriors. He also recorded a season-best of 28 points in their victory versus the New York Knicks.

Tobias Harris Public Records

Los Angeles Clippers (2018–2019)

Harris became a part of a player trade and was exchanged with the Los Angeles Clippers. On his debut for the team, he netted 24 points and helped the team to victory over the Chicago Bulls. Another notable performance came in February when he put 30 points past the Phoenix Suns during as they won.

Harris netted 18 points during a victory over the San Antonio Spurs in November. This was his 14th successive match with at least 15 points, a career-high.

In another match in November, he scored 34 points and had 11 rebounds during a win against the Portland Trail Blazers. Eventually, he was awarded the Player of the Week for the Conference. He won this accolade for the second time. He also received the Player of the Month for Western Conference in October as well as November. He registered a career-best 39 points versus the Trail Blazers but lost the game. He made 27 points while giving 9 assists during a victory against the San Antonio Spurs in January.

Philadelphia 76ers (2019-present)

In February 2019, Harris was involved in a player exchange and was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for several players. He scored 14 points on his debut along with 8 rebounds during a win against the Denver Nuggets. Harris signed with the 76ers in a five-year deal.

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