Tom Brady Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Charry A.

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Tom Brady Celebrity Life

Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback player. He holds the record for winning six of the nine Super Bowl games he has played in.

He played 20 seasons for the New England Patriots and during this time, the Patriots earned the record of never losing a season and winning 17 division titles.

Because of his playing history, Brady is widely considered the best quarterback in football.


Early Years and College Football

Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California. He was born to Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr.

He has three older sisters—Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. As a high school student in San Mateo, Brady played basketball, baseball, and football.

Even though Brady was drafted by the baseball team Montreal Expos in round 18 of the 1995 MLB Draft, Brady had always been more interested in playing football.

His high school football career ended with a record score of 31 touchdowns and 236 passes for 3,702 yards. Bill Harris recruited Brady to play for the University of Michigan from 1995-99.

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In college, Brady started playing as a backup quarterback during the first two years.

He mentions that this period was marked by anxiety and personal struggles which he was able to overcome with help from motivational speaker and life coach, Greg Harden.

In his first football season, Brady set the record for maximum completions and pass attempts. He set a 20-5 record that included winning at the Orange Bowl and the Citrus Bowl.

Brady was an honorable mention in the two final seasons of the All Big-Ten. He was also the captain of the University of Michigan football team during his senior year.

He ended his college football career by scoring 35 touchdown passes, 5,351 yards, 440 completions, and 710 attempts.

Professional Career

After graduation, Brady signed a contract to play with the New England Patriots. He played with them for 20 years, which is considered the longest time spent by a quarterback with one franchise.

During this time, the Patriots won nine of the 13 AFC Championship Games they played from 2001 till 2018.

Brady also led the Patriots to victory over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI and consequently won his first Super Bowl MVP award.


Although the Patriots missed playoffs in the next season, Brady led the team in two consecutive Super Bowl championships in 2003 and 2004 and won his second Super Bowl MVP award.

That same year, the Patriots won the NFL record for 21 consecutive games. In season 2005, Brady led the NFL in passing by throwing 4,000 yards.

In the 2007 season, Brady set another NFL record for scoring 50 touchdown passes and led the Patriots to a perfect 16-0 finish.

Despite losing their Super Bowl game the same year, Brady won the NFL MVP award. He was also declared the “Male Athlete of the Year” by the Associated Press.

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In 2009, Brady was declared the season’s Comeback Player of the Year and in 2010, Brady set the record for most consecutive passes without intercepting and created a new benchmark for the highest touchdown to interception ratio at 9:1. 

Brady was ranked number one by his peers in the 2011 NFL Top 100 List. He also won his second MVP award with the entire 50 votes in his favor.

Super Bowl 2011 saw the New York Giants winning over the Patriots and Patriots’ losses in the AFC Championship games.

Subsequently, the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2014 and for the fourth time, Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP.

An injury led to Brady missing a few games at the start of season 2016; however, on his return, the Patriots won 11 out of 12 remaining games and two postseason games.

Despite their loss against Philadelphia Eagles, Brady set a record in 2017 for throwing the most yards (505) in Super Bowl. The Patriots reclaimed victory in 2018, making Brady the first player ever to win six Super Bowls.

He is also the only player to have won three league MVP awards and four Super Bowl MVP awards.

Because of the performance, he delivered throughout his career, Brady is regarded by many as the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

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